Arjun Bhalla ∙ Jan 3 2023, 11:45 AM

AI will make cricket 'slicker and unpredictable' - Greg Chappell


Former Australian cricketer, Greg Chappell has opinionated over the changes that are being brought up in cricket, using Artificial Intelligence. 

Chappell feels drones, robots, AI, and virtual reality will become common and bring a huge change in the game. He further stated that it will make into being “slicker" and “unpredictable".

While writing in his column for Sydney Morning Herald, he said - "Technology has already had a huge impact on the game, with the introduction of Hawk-Eye, Hot Spot and Snicko helping to improve the accuracy of umpiring decisions. 4K and 5K cameras will make umpiring even more precise."

The former Indian coach also cited a couple of benefits of the technology coming into the sport.

"Virtual reality will also be used to improve the game. This technology will allow players to practice in a virtual environment, to hone their skills without having to be on the field.

"This will help players become better, reduce injuries and lead to the development of new strategies and tactics."

He additionally wrote about how AI will bring fans closer to the game.

"They (fans) will want to compare their bat speed with that of the Virat Kohli of the 2040s or their bowling skills with that of the Dennis Lillee of the time. No more arguments about the merits and greatness of a Trumper, Warne or Tendulkar," he said.

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