Vishal Mehra ∙ Oct 10 2022, 7:00 AM

Venkatesh Prasad lashes out at Jos Buttler over Matthew Wade incident 

image-l92echeuMatthew Wade's field obstruction has opened a can of drama (PC: Twitter)

Lately, the debate on the spirit of the game is hearing up after India's Deepti Sharma's run-out with England's Charlie Dean at the non-striker's end. Several former and active players are divided over Sharma's actions, more so based in England.

Yesterday, England captain Jos Buttler opted not to appeal against Matthew Wade, who was seen obstructing the field in the first T20I against Australia in Perth. Wade attempted to stop Mark Wood with his left hand, who was rushing in to catch a top edge of the former's bat.

Former India bowler Venkatesh Prasad has lashed out at Buttler via a social media post. Prasad called how few teams feel entitled while others have to bear the brunt.

"Pathetic , in one word this is Cheating, not in the spirit of the game and Obstructing the field and what a terrible excuse from Jos Buttler to not appeal. The sense of entitlement of these guys is unbelievable. Bullshitting about spirit of the game when there is no spirit."

In his defense, Buttler said that he did not witness the incident on the field, and thus could not make any decision.

Both England and Australia clash against each other in the T20I on Wednesday.

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