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Hundred and Test can still be enjoyable together: Nasser Hussain

image-l6wvxwhrThe Hundred has gained some mainstream popularity since past year

Former English captain Nasser Hussain recently opened up on why Test Cricket and The Hundred can together be a great asset in upcoming years. He said the game is not divided as social media suggests, and welcoming a newer audience to cricket through shorter formats would benefit Test Cricket in the longer run.

He believes that Test cricket can co-survive with T20 and the Hundred ball formats, which would help generate more significant revenues for the sport. Also, he added that every format brings in a different audience which ensures that the game has kept itself relevant in recent times.

To prove his point he said, there is no issue with young kids choosing shorter formats as that would lead them to Tests in the coming years if they stay connected to cricket.

What Nasser Hussain wrote in his blog post to Daily Mail

"If you go to a Hundred match, there are far more women, children and families — and they're all having a great time. That's not spin. It's a fact. And we shouldn't be afraid of it. These spectators are our future fans and players. If they start with the Hundred or the Blast, they may end up watching red-ball stuff later down the line.

"My overall view, though, is that everything needs to be in proportion. For me, first-class county cricket is the starter, Test cricket the main course, and all the white-ball stuff the pudding — enjoyable and moreish.

"And if TV companies keep spending more money to broadcast franchise cricket around the world, then you have to say it's a simple case of supply and demand. If their money future-proofs the game, it's hard to argue with."

Cricket's biggest asset is its diversified audience

As a cricket fan, if you love the sport, you would never consider one single format but instead the game as a whole. Something similar is expressed by Nasser Hussain above, who also clarifies that the game will continue to be loved by people of all ages.

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