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OneCricket's IPL talent Spotter: Bikramkumar Das

image-las1hpsdTripura Cricket team (Source: Twitter)

The mini-auction for the IPL 2023 will be an occasion where the franchises will look to fill the areas they fell they are lacking within their squad composition. 

The franchises will already have sent out their scouts in search of talents that they could utilise during the grand league in 2023. One such name that the franchises may consider is that of Bikramkumar Das from Tripura. 

SMAT Performance Overview

In the latest edition of the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy, Das appeared as a consistent batter at the top of the order. He managed to score 276 runs from 7 innings. His strike rate was a touch on the lower side at 118.97.

But playing for Tripura, the onus is often on Das to stabilise the innings at the very beginning. Hence, this explains his slow batting to some extent. 

If we take a look at some of the top knocks by Das in the tournament, he scored 73 off 56 against Hyderabad, 61 of 56 against Puducherry and 67 off 41 against Manipur. These innings show that he can hold one inning and play a planned knock as per the situation of the game. 

During the mini-auction, we might see a few franchises going after Bikramkumar Das, especially the teams that are looking for Indian opening options. The franchises might also pick him up and keep him as a backup for their main openers. 

Teams that can target Bikramkunmar Das- Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders

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