The Hundred: Super Five to decide winner during knockouts

Somya Kapoor

Somya Kapoor

Author| Jul 13, 2:19 PM

Photo Credits: Twitter
Photo Credits: Twitter

The Hundred tournament is a few days away and the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has outlined the playing conditions for the competition. 

The ECB has come up with a new strategy for the matches that end in a tie. Both the teams will be awarded one point each if the game is tied in the group stage while there would be Super Five in case of a tied game in the Eliminator or the final. 

If the first Super Five also ends in a tie then another one would be contested. 

But if this second Super Five is a tie then the winner will be decided on the basis of the ranks in the group stage. The team that has higher rank will be declared the winner. 

The tournament is slated to begin on July 21 with the women’s competition commencing first and would be followed by the starting of the men’s edition on July 22. 

Oval Invincible will play Manchester Originals in the opener of the tournament. 

The limited-overs formats have seen a number of ways of deciding a winner in case of a tied match. From run-rate to number of wickets fallen to bowl out to Super Over, the ICC has tried a number of ways. 

In fact, England were crowned the 50-over champions in 2019 on the basis of boundary count rule which stated that the team that has hit more boundaries in the match would be declared the winner if the Super Over is also tied. They defeated New Zealand in the final. 

The rule was later scrapped by the ICC and a new norm of having two Super Overs was introduced. 

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