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Rohit Sharma has made a massive name for himself as one of the most proficient and charismatic batsmen in the Indian Premier Leaue’s (IPL) history. From his initial foray into the IPL in 2008 with the Deccan Chargers to becoming the heart and soul of the Mumbai Indians, Rohit's IPL journey is a tale of staggering rise and unmatched leadership.

Signed for a handsome $750,000 (INR 3,00,00,000) a year by Deccan Chargers, Rohit's early years in the IPL were marked by promising displays of his batting skills. However, it was the 2011 IPL auction that turned a new page in Rohit's career, as he was snapped up by the Mumbai Indians for an eye-watering $2 million (INR 9,20,00,000) signalling the start of an era that would see him become one of the most influential figures in the tournament's history.

Under his captaincy, the Mumbai Indians transformed into a juggernaut, clinching the coveted IPL title in 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2020. 

Here’s a detailed look at Rohit Sharma IPL career

Rohit Sharma IPL Career

Rohit made his IPL debut with the Deccan Chargers. It was a season of learning and adjustment for the youngster, who showed flashes of his potential. He scored 404 runs in 13 matches at a strike rate of 147.98. In 2011, Rohit was bought by the Mumbai Indians for $2 million. He quickly became a core member of the team, scoring 372 runs in 16 matches at an average of 33.81.

Eventually in 2013, Rohit was made the captain of the Mumbai Indians team, mid-way through the season and he never looked back, helping the franchise win 5 IPL titles out of 16 seasons

Rohit Sharma IPL Teams

IPL Teams
Deccan Chargers 2008-2010
Mumbai Indians2011-

Rohit Sharma IPL Runs Year Wise


Rohit Sharma IPL Price

2008Deccan ChargersINR 3,00,00,000
2009Deccan ChargersINR 3,00,00,000
2010Deccan ChargersINR 3,00,00,000
2011Mumbai IndiansINR 9,20,00,000
2012Mumbai IndiansINR 9,20,00,000
2013Mumbai IndiansINR 9,20,00,000
2014Mumbai IndiansINR 12,50,00,000
2015Mumbai IndiansINR 12,50,00,000
Mumbai IndiansINR 12,50,00,000
2017Mumbai IndiansINR 12,50,00,000
2018Mumbai IndiansINR 15,00,00,000
2019Mumbai IndiansINR 15,00,00,000
2020Mumbai IndiansINR 15,00,00,000
2021Mumbai IndiansINR 15,00,00,000
2022Mumbai IndiansINR 16,00,00,000
2023Mumbai IndiansINR 16,00,00,000
TotalINR 178,60,00,000

Rohit Sharma IPL Salary

Rohi has amassed a staggering ₹178,60,00,000 from his IPL engagements, a figure that speaks volumes of his stature and contribution to the league over the years. He started with a salary of 3 crore in 2008, and in 2023 Rohit earned 16 crore.

Rohit Sharma IPL Match Fees

The former MI skipper played 16 matches in Indian Premier League 2023, and earned 1 crore for each match, which comprises of his salary of INR 16,00,00,000.

Rohit Sharma IPL Records

  • Second IPL captain after MS Dhoni to win back-to-back IPL titles.
  • Captain with the second highest win percentage in IPL (55.06).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Rohit Sharma IPL Career

Q.1. What teams has Rohit Sharma played for in the IPL?

Answer: Rohit Sharma has played for the Deccan Chargers from 2008 to 2010 and for the Mumbai Indians from 2011 onwards.

Q.2. How many IPL titles has Rohit Sharma won as a captain?

Answer: Rohit Sharma has led the Mumbai Indians to five IPL titles in 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2020.

Q.3. What is Rohit Sharma's highest score in an IPL match?

Answer: Rohit Sharma's highest score in an IPL match is 109* (not out), which he scored against Kolkata Knight Riders in 2012.

Q.4. How much has Rohit Sharma earned from IPL?

Answer: Rohit Sharma has earned a total of ₹1,786,000,000 from the IPL.

Q. 5. When did Rohit Sharma become the captain of Mumbai Indians?

Answer: Rohit Sharma became the captain of the Mumbai Indians in 2013.