Jatin ∙ Mar 23 2023, 6:15 AM

A Concerned Rohit Sharma Urges Indian Players To Work On 'This' After Chennai Defeat

image-lfkp72bcIndia lost the third ODI in Chennai on Wednesday [Source: AP]

Indian captain, Rohit Sharma, has raised concerns about fitness issues after India's 2-1 series loss to Australia in Chennai on Wednesday.

Rohit admitted that the absence of key players due to recurring injuries, such as Jasprit Bumrah and Shreyas Iyer, has become a primary concern for the team. These players would have otherwise been regulars in the team's starting lineup.

“It is concerning. We are missing the players who are actually the playing XI players,” said Rohit in the post-match press conference. 

However, the Indian skipper also mentioned that he is not a specialist to determine why these injuries are recurring. He indicated that the team has been focusing heavily on managing players, and the medical team is working diligently to ensure that the team's best 15 players are ready for the upcoming World Cup.

"But, I am not a specialist to tell you why recurring injuries are happening. The medical team of ours is looking into all of this and making sure that, come the World Cup, we’ve got our best 15 players ready," added the Indian captain.

In response to whether there will be workload management during the IPL, Sharma replied bluntly, stating that the final decision on resting players rests with the franchises that own them. Sharma acknowledged that the Indian team has indicated its concerns over player fitness to the franchises, but it is ultimately up to them to decide.

“It's all up to the franchises now. Franchises own them. We have given indications, some kind of borderline thing to teams, but at the end of the day, it's up to the franchise,” stated the 35-year-old.

The explosive opener further suggested that players must take care of their bodies and take a break if necessary.

“They have to take care of their own body, they're all adults. They have to look after their body, if they feel it's getting a little too much, they can talk about it and have a break for one or two games. I doubt that will happen, though,” concluded Rohit.