Gargi Raut ∙ Dec 4 2022, 10:30 AM

Injury looms over Pat Cummins, participation in the next Test doubtful

image-lb924plePat Cummins [Source: Associated Press]

The concerns around Australian captain Pat Cummins keep growing. The pace attack leader sustained a quad injury in the first innings of the opening Test match of the series against West Indies. Still having not recovered from the injury, Cummins' participation in the second Test is still a doubt. 

Pat hasn't bowled since the sustaining a quad injury on day three of the first Test. Although he fielded on day 5, peers have raised concern regarding his injury as he looked significantly restricted in his movement. 

Kiwi commentator Ian Smith made an observation 

“I’m telling you, that is not the action of a guy who’s going to be bowling in Test cricket in four days’ time.” 

“Why would he be on the field? I take your point about leading from the front and being part of the victory, but when it comes to his main job in the side, outside of that, is bowling. So he can’t do his main role in the field as such. He must’ve been guaranteed the fact that he can’t do any more damage while he’s out there. Otherwise there’s no point in being out there at all."

Later, Cummins was observed giving up the chase of the ball while fielding, raising even more concerns. He was also observed grimacing out of pain several times during his time on the field. 

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