Vishal Mehra ∙ Aug 26 2022, 6:15 AM

Mitchell Johnson lashes out at ABC after being forced to quit

image-l7a0xtifMitchell Johnson during his playing days (PC: Twitter)

Former Australian great Mitchell Johnson, who was gearing up for a radio stint ahead of Australia's home series against Zimbabwe, has been forced to quit his job by the broadcaster ABC Corp after being found breaching a company ruling unintentionally.

According to ABC, Johnson's association with a gambling company clearly violated their policy. Following his ouster, the 40-year-old has lashed out at the media house for trying to enforce a moral compass over its employees.

"There seems to be a lot of hypocrisy that goes with this rule. I don't understand and you start to wonder about what you can and can't say if you are calling for them [the ABC],"

'It's blown me away a little bit. Do we have to make sure we have to align with the ABC's moral compass? "

image-l7a14gliMitchell Johnson won two WCs with Australia (PC: Twitter)

Johnson raises question over government policy

Notably, the Australian government generates a significant amount of revenue from taxes on gambling. Still, Johnson, whose betting deal was soon to run out, was not allowed to work with ABC, which the government owns. So, the two-time World Cup winner with Australia raised questions over the government's policies. 

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