Arnav Chopra ∙ Mar 6 2023, 6:27 PM

Alex Carey Hoping To Play More Sweeps After Getting Out While Defending

image-lex33tloAlex Carey vs India (Source: AP Newsroom)

Australia's wicket-keeping batter Alex Carey hasn't been able to be at his best in the series against India where he has only managed 56 runs across five innings, batting at an average of just over 11.

The left-hander admitted that he changed his method midway which fired back at him as he opted to defend the balls more often than sweeping. The 31-year-old mentioned that from now onwards, he would want to play on his strength of playing shots.

He further commented that being positive in this situation is the best option rather than worrying too much about his wicket. Adding to this, the batter feels that 

"I had some confidence out of the first game and then getting out defending, am I happy with that? Not really. I think probably just sticking to my method now and understanding if you chase it too much then you might get yourself into trouble.

"So yeah, back my strength and try to score with the sweeps and manipulate a little bit more that way. In India, if you change your method too much, it goes pretty quickly. I’ll continue to be positive over here."

The series became interesting all of a sudden after the visitors got better off the home side in the third Test in Indore as they made a comeback after getting beaten in the first two games. 

Both sides will now tussle in the fourth game of the series when they clash from 9th of March in Ahmedabad.