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IND vs NZ, 1st ODI: Blog with all reactions, Tweets, Videos and More

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Arnav: One of the best games of the year so far with some outstanding brand of cricket from both sides. No one was ready to give up and it turned out to be a blockbuster!! We having thoroughly enjoyed bringing you this. Thanks from our team Anurag DasGupta, Arjun Bhalla, Shakir Jamil and me, Arnav Chopra for staying with us. Do come back again for the next game to be played in Raipur on 21st January. Till then, Take Care Folks!! See you soon!! Bye-BYEE!!

Shubman Gill: "Yes, I mean was waiting eagerly to go out there and do what I do. Definitely got some momentum and got the sixes. Happy with it. Sometimes when the bowlers are on top, try to put some pressure on them. I wasn't really thinking of 200 but it was more about getting the partnerships and getting the team to a good total. Yes, it's amazing to see him score a double hundred and now he is there for me. He is my best mate. It feels nice to see things going my way. It has sunk in well. Bracewell hit those biggies and the game was topsy-turvy. Great game to be a part of for me." 

Shubman Gill has been handed Player of the match award for his innings of a lifetime!

In the end, India win the game by 12 runs to take a 1-0 lead in the 3-match ODI series. 

Arnav: It was a run-fest with 686 runs in the day!!!! Double Hundred from Gill and a great fighting hundred from Bracewell!!

Shakir: IND win by 12 runs. Not before a spectacle from the Kiwis. NZ almost snatched this from the jaws of defeat. The series has been set up beautifully!!

Second Ball: Gonee!! He has given him!! LBWWW!!! New Zealand gets bowled!! He sent it upstairs but no luck!! The decision is upheld!!! AND India Win a Thrillerrrr by 12 runs!!!


First Ball: SIXXXXX!!! That's Out of here!! He picks it up and thumps a pull high and handsome way over wide long-on for a huge six. 

Okay So! Final Over! 20 needed off 6. Shardul with ball in hand. Rohit entrusts him. Can he redeem himself?

Shakir: Spare a thought for Michael Bracewell!! What an innings under pressure! He has been a lone warrior for 🇳🇿 New Zealand.

Ninth Down

India get a WICKET!!!! The breakthrough they need departely has finally arrived. Fergusson departs. 22 required off 9.

Shakir: HOW!?? How did we get here?? This is in NZ's quarter now....

From 131/6 to 318/8, the game is turned upside down! Can Kiwis see this through now with 32 required from 15?

Bracewell in no mood to give up as he leads them through with two sixes in the 47th over!

Siraj ends his brilliant spell of 4/46. He has been the best of the lot and has brought India back in the game!

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Shipley comes in and goes!

Another finds the dust as Henry Shipley loses his wicket on the very first delivery. Siraj on fire!! Gets cleaned up with cracker of a delivery.

Santner departs!

There you go! Santner caught in the deep. Siraj gets another. It was short and Santner couldn't time and holes out to deep-midwicket.

Okay! Here is the game! 58 off 28 deliveries! Questions being asked? Can India answer? Stay with us!

Interesting Fact: If NZ wins it will be their first 350 plus chase. It will be the 10th time in ODI history that 350 will be chased!!

Santner gets Fifty!

Mitchell Santner joins the party as he reaches his half-century! He has played some wonderful shots and has complemented Bracewell well

Shakir: Wooowww!!! This lad can bat. Michael Bracewell announcing himself on the world stage!!

Bracewell scores a ton

Bracewell does it brilliantly with so much ease! Gets to his Second Hundred in style. Smashes Shami over long-on for six! He has turned this game on its head. Kiwis not far away from the target!

My God! Bracewell isn't ready to put his weapons down as he is hammering everything he is getting in his arc!

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Shakir: Blackcaps are back in this. This match not over by any means.

Arnav: Now Then!! Now Then!! Hundred run partnership is up between Bracewell (74) and Santner (32).

Shardul losing his line here! Four wides in the over! Pressure on the right-armer as Bracewell is trying to tonk the ball! 17 of the over!!

Shakir: Too early to say this but, are the KIWIS out of this match? We saw some miraculous display of batting from Marco Jansen in SA20. Can the Kiwis do something similar?

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Arnav: Not jinxing but do the visitors have fuel left in their tank? Have to see this one!

200 in the bank for Kiwis courtesy some fightback

Michael Bracewell and Mitchell Santner have fought back to take the visitors to a respectable total. Meanwhile, Bracewell has completed his first half-century in ODI cricket! He needs to stand here!

Meanwhile in SA20, Marco takes Sunrisers home against MI Cape Town

28-run over against Rashid Khan proved to be the turning point for Sunrisers Eastern Cape in the SA20 league as Marco Jansen does the business!

Back-to-back fours for Santner who is facing Pandya in the 33rd Over. They need more of these, infact, many more of these.

150 up for the BlackCaps. Finally! The way they started it looked even 300-run mark could be breached. However, after that their innings went downhill. 

Most 50+ scores in the first 15 ODI innings as Opener (Indians)

8 - Rahul Dravid
7 - Shubman Gill*
6 - KL Rahul
6 - Navjot Sidhu
6 - Ravi Shastri
6 - Sachin Tendulkar

Arnav: They have a decent squad and have done previously whenever they were under the radar. Even if they lose this one, I strongly expect them to make a comeback.

Shakir: The Kiwis have failed to challenge India in the first match. Can they bounce back in the series or we are in for another clean sweep?

Kiwi skipper departs

Siraj gets Latham trapped with a bouncer as the BlackCaps captain miscues the ball to Sundar who grabs an outstanding catch at deep-midwicket. Couldn't keep the ball in control as he falls in the trap. Hopes burning like fire for the visitors.

A bit of oh-uh in the middle, but that was nothing. Washi was thinking that Latham has been dropped by the first slip - but the ball bounced off the batter's foot. Nothing was there.

Arjun: NZ need 230 runs in 141 balls - It's India's game to win, unless Tom Latham spoils the party for them.


Sizziling Shami bamboozles Phillips

Off stump goes for a cartwheel. Shami was struck on his thumb, but roars back and got the big fish in the form of Glenn Phillips. Good length, comes back in as the batter misses the big heave and the ball shatters the stumps. Half the side back in the hut.

Arjun: Homeboy vs homeboy, aka Sundar vs Phillips. Who will come on top in this battle. My bet is on Washi!! 

Washi Sundar comes to bowl for the first time in the day. Interestingly, he didn't get to bowl in the third ODI vs Sri Lanka, where the vistors tumbled for 73. 

Great news for the Men in Blue. Mohammed Shami is back, and bowling with his gas cylinders.

The Kiwis are seriously struggling for runs here in Hyderabad. Kuldeep and Shardul aren't bowling any looseners, Latham-Phillips need to survive through this period. At the moment, NZ need 251 runs in 172 balls. 

Kuldeep gets another one. The umpire raises his finger, Mitchell reviews it straightaway. But for nothing. The fourth wicket is down, with the Kiwis reeling at 89. Glenn Phillips is the new batter in!!

Another one bites the dust!

Kuldeep Yadav strikes. Googly does the trick and Nicholls' scratchy innings comes to an end. Good length ball that pitches on the off and the sharp turn beats the blade to castle the timbers. Two wickets in quick successions for India.


Allen-Nicholls fightback is over

Lord Shardul comes, Shardul deliveries!! The gung ho knock from Finn Allen comes to an as Shardul Thakur gets rid of the Kiwi batter with a bouncer.

Allen hammers Pandya

Finn Allen took a special liking for Hardik Pandya and bludgeoned him for 20 in an over. Hardik got predictable with the back of a length deliveries and Allen smashed him for 3 fours and a six

Ouch! Shami gets the ball hit on his thumb. He's off the field. Bad signs for India early in the innings.

DG: Mohammed Siraj has been exceptional in the absence of Jasprit Bumrah. There is a reason as to why SIUUU is the number 3 ranked ODI bowler at the moment. He has certainly cemented his place as India's first-choice pacer. Way to go, Siraj!

ICYMI: Hashim Amla has retired from all forms of the game. He hang up his boots in international cricket in 2019. Since then, the Proteas legend has just been playing for Surrey.

Siraj strikes!

Mohammed Siraj does what Mohammed Siraj does the best. He strikes early in his first spell. A well directed bouncer and Conway was surprised by it and was late to react on his attempted pull. The top-edge goes straight into the hands of Kuldeep Yadav who takes a brilliant diving catch at fine leg. New Zealand: 28-1

Cautious start for the Kiwis

At the 4 over mark, New Zealand are 24/0. Both Conway and Allen have given respect to the good deliveries, but have not shied away from hitting the odd boundaries. They need more of these in the early ten overs.

Fun fact: Double centurions in ODIs:

India - 7

Rest of the world - 3

New Zealand innings kicks off!

Devon Conway and Finn Allen have come out to open the innings. Can the Kiwis chase this daunting total?

Shubman Gill in ODIs since 2022: 64(53), 43(49), 98*(98), 82*(72), 33(34), 130(97), 3(7), 28(26), 49(57), 50(65), 45*(42(, 13(22), 70(60), 21(12), 116(97), 208(149)


Gill heroics comes to an end!

Finally, Gill departs after an enthrilling 208. Shipley bowled a slower delivery and Gill goes for an attempted pull, but Phillips at deep mid stretched with a forward dive and gobbles up a stunner to dismiss the double centurion. This has been an innings of hugh-quality from Gill...

Indian players to score double hundred in ODI:

Rohit Sharma - 3

Shubman Gill - 1

Sachin Tendulkar - 1

Virender Sehwag - 1

Ishan Kishan - 1

Shubman Gill has become the Youngest cricketer to score a Double Hundred in ODIs

200 for GILL!!!!

Three sixes in a row and Shubman Gill becomes the fifth Indian to score a double century in ODI cricket. 150-200 in just 23 balls. (Read More)


It's raining sixes in Hyderabad!! Gill is inching close to his 200. He's now at 194!!!!

Mixup, and Shardul has to walk back!

Gill drives a Ferguson delivery towards the covers and ran towards the non strikers end. But Shardul wasn't even looking to his partner and both the batters were stranded on one end. Thakur eventually crossed Gill to make sure that the centurion stays at the crease.

300 up for India!

Team India have breached the 300-run mark. Still 4 overs to go and they'll be looking to add some quick runs here. The big question is. - Can Gill reach his maiden double ton?

Washi departs on single figure!!

Washi has been caught plumb right in front as Henry Shipley gets his maiden ODI wicket. Wickets are falling at the wrong time for India. One more wicket here and the Kiwis will be back in the game as the tail will be exposed. (292/6 in 45 overs)

Stat Alert: Shubman Gill ODI average goes past 70

Singh: Indeed Jaffer Indeed!!

150 for Gill!!

Brings up 50 with a maximum, now smokes another MAXIMUM for his 150. Shubman Gill is batting at another level. He accelerated from 100 to 150 in just 35 deliveries. He will be trying to notch up another gear to become fifth Indian to score an ODI double century.


Last 10 overs to go!!

DRAMA DRAMA!! It looked like a clear mistake by the Third umpire as the ball never hit the stumps and the bails fell off by the keeper’s gloves. Hardik was livid on the way back to the dugout and Mitchell couldn’t believe what he saw on the big screen. On the other hand, Gill will have the magical number of 200 on the back of his mind if things go according to plan. Meanwhile, Gill has recorded his best-ever ODI score. (251/4 in 40 overs)

WAITT!! What just happened?

Some action in the game. The bail comes off, but wait!! It came off Tom Latham's gloves. Hardik Pandya survives. The Blackcaps were celebrating a minute ago, but now they are in agony. WAITT!! What just happened? The split screen replays show that, the glove is behind the stumps and the ball kissed the off bail. OUT it is. Daryl Mitchell has done it again. That has to be a controversial dismissal.

Fastest Indians to 1000 ODI runs: 

19 - GILL

24 - Kohli

24 - Dhawan

25 - Sidhu 

25 - S Iyer 

Arjun: But that doesn't happen in Indian cricket, Singh my friend!! 

DG: Interesting tactics. Seems like Harsha Bhogle believes that India will wrap up the series in the first two games itself. Not an easy feat...

Singh: Do you think will it be good strategy?

DG: Nearly 15 overs to go. Is 200 on the cards for Gill?

Did you Know : Shubman Gill is the second fastest Indian to score 3 ODI centuries.

200 up for India. Be ready for an onslaught by Gill, as Hardik might take few more overs to settle in before unleashing the beast. Time for a short drinks break. (203/4 in 33 Overs)

Gill goes past VK and Gabbar! 

Shubman Gill becomes the fastest Indian to 1000 runs (19 Inn) in ODI cricket, leaving behind the previous best of Shikhar Dhawan and Virat Kohli in 24 Innings. Second Fastest in the world, tied with Imam-ul-Haq.

3rd ODI century for Shubman Gill!! 

Back-to-back centuries for GILL!! An Innings full of pure class and strokes filled with masterful shots. Gill is redefining what an ODI opener should look like. No risky shots, playing the field and being as calm as ever. TAKE A BOW!! (185/4 in 30 overs)


Gill's on 99 now...

SKY throws away a quickfire start

Oh my lord. India have lost the wicket of Suryakumar Yadav. The wicket has come against the play for the Blackcaps. Daryl Mitchell breaks the partnership open with his medium pace. The Men in Blue now need a solid stand from Gill and Pandya.

Arjun: Shubman Gill comes into the 90s!!!! This lad has always been a special, special talent. His spot has been questioned by many of late. However, he could only answer back with his bat and the willow is doing all the taking. 


SKY and Gill taking Kiwis to the cleaners

50 partnership up between these two in just 38 balls. It looks like nobody has told SKY that this is an ODI game. He is keeping his shots along the carpet but finding gaps like Prime Kohli. (160/3 in 16 overs)

Gill moves into the 70s

Shubman Gill has his eyes set on the three figure mark. This has been an innings full of pure classical strokes by the Youngster who is looking like an immovable force today.

Singh: The physio team is out to take a look at Blair Tickner who fell down on his follow through. He is ready to load now...

DG: Good captaincy from Latham, brining on Lockie Ferguson when Ishan Kishan came  to the crease. 

SKY takes the centre stage, Ishan walks back!!

Wickets falling in clumps here. After Kohli, now Ishan Kishan is dismissed playing a lazy shot. The pace difference has worked for the Kiwis. Indians were getting habituated to playing 130 KPH and now Lockie Ferguson arrives with an extra 15-20 KPH which bamboozles Ishan Kishan

100 up for India, 50 for Gill!

Team India have brought up 100 runs on the board. Despite losing Rohit and Kohli in quick successions, Gill is looking rock solid and is eyeing a big one here. He crossed the 50-run mark with a big six to Bracewell. Luck was with him as Latham missed a simple stumping chance off the same bowler.

Last 6 Innings of Shubman Gill - 45*(42), 13(22), 70(60), 21(12), 116(97), 52*(52). He is really cementing his place and seems will be playing his first World Cup in Indian Colors!!

OTD in 2015, AB de Villiers smashed century in just 31 balls. Watch the full highlight of the scintillating knock below ⏬

King falls 

After a scintillating cover-drive in the last over, Virat Kohli gets his stumps knocked off. Santner has done it as he gets rid of the form batter. This was a dream delivery. The ball turns a bit and hits the top of the off-stump. VK falls for 8, India are two down after 88 runs.

Fun Fact: Virat Kohli has the best Innings: Century Ratio in ODIs - 5.6 (46 tons in 259 Inns). Next best is Hashim Amla with 6.5 (27 tons in 178 Inns).

King Kohli arrives!!

Despite the fall of Rohit Sharma, we saw a glorious trademark cover drive from Virat Kohli that lit up the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium. On the other hand, Gill is not letting Santner settle in the middle, smacking two magnificent boundaries against him. We saw the left armer's exploits against Pakistan in the ODI series, where he didn't give any space to the Pakistani batters to free their arms. (88/1 in 15 overs).

First Wicket falls

Rohit Sharma who was striking it cleans mistimes one in the air and it is a simple catch at the mid on region. Once again, Rohit departs after getting well set on the crease. The kinds of shots we saw today from his bat, it didn't seem like he was in not in good touch. It's just that he keeps throwing his wicket away. (60/1 in 12.1 overs).

In walks King Kohli who calmly leaves the first delivery.

It was the 3rd fifty plus partnership by Gill & Rohit in just 4 innings. Not a bad start for India in 2023.

Singh: Rohit Sharma overtakes Adam Gilchrist in the run-getters list in ODI.

Here's the list:

13. Brian Lara - 10405 runs in 289 innings

14. TM Dilshan - 10290 runs in 303 innings

15. Mohammad Yousuf - 9720 runs in 273 innings

16. Rohit Sharma - 9630 runs in 232 innings

17. Adam Gilchrist - 9619 runs in 279 innings


50 up for India!

In no time, India have crossed the 50-run mark. This New Zealand attack looks weak in the absence of their key bowlers and both Rohit-Gill have taken full advantage of it. (51/0 in 9 overs)

Singh: Of course, if you remove Bumrah, Shami and Siraj from our bowling attack, picking ten wickets will be a humongous task. Kiwis are facing a similar situation today, and I hope to see the frontline Kiwi attack soon facing the mighty Indian batting lineup. 

DG: Just the start India needed. Solid from both Rohit and Gill. This New Zealand attack does look weak in the absence of Sodhi, Boult and Southee.

Here's an OTD for you guys. Stay tuned for the full highlight of the blistering knock 

Singh: Rohit Sharma has the most sixes (125) in India in ODI history, leaving behind MSD’s record of 123. (37/0 after 6.2 overs)

This looks like a belter of a wicket. The ball is coming nicely onto the bat and with the form these two are in, expect another 350+ score with SKY, and Kohli sitting in the dugout in immaculate form. (31/0 after 5 overs)

Approaching milestone: Shubman Gill needs 96 more runs to bring up 1000 runs in ODI cricket. By doing so, he will become the fastest Indian to do so leaving behing the King and Gabbar, who reached the milestone in 24 innings.

Steady start for India

After an impressive first over by Shipley, Indian openers have started getting used to the surface. Rohit has played three wonderful strokes, but got lucky when he went fetching for a widish delivery.

Singh: Wisden has picked Virat Kohli's 82* vs PAK as the best T20 Innings of 2022

Did You Know: New Zealand are playing an ODI without either of Trent Boult or Tim Southee for the first time in 13 years.

Singh: If Virat Kohli replicates what he did against SL , he is likely to move up to Number 2 in the ICC ODI batters rankings

Current rankings:

1. Babar Azam 887 

2. Rassie van der Dussen 766 

3. Quinton De Kock 759 

4. Virat Kohli 750


Rohit Sharma now has the most sixes (125) in India in ODI history leaving behind MSD's record of 123.

Playing XI

India: 1 Rohit, 2 Gill, 3 Kohli, 4 Kishan, 5 Suryakumar, 6 Hardik, 7 Sundar, 8 Thakur, 9 Kuldeep, 10 Shami, 11 Siraj

New Zealand: 1 Allen, 2 Conway, 3 Nicholls, 4 Mitchell, 5 Latham, 6 Phillips, 7 M Bracewell, 8 Santner, 9 Shipley, 10 Ferguson, 11 Tickner

Toss update

Rohit Sharma won the toss and India have elected to bat first. KL Rahul and Axar missing out for personal reasons. Hardik Pandya is back. Ishan Kishan will play in the middle order. Rohit also confirms that Shardul Thakur gets a place in the playing XI, in place of Umran.

Pitch Report

There is a little bit of grass left on the surface. It's pretty sunny at the moment, and will get cooler as the day progresses. Danny Morrison says either side of the wicket is 63 meters. Moreover, there won't be any due later in the day.

DG: Shardul Thakur marking his run-up. That means either Umran Malik, Mohammad shami, or Mohammed Siraj won't play the first game.

Singh: After a long conversation with a BCCI official last week, I was assured that Shreyas will be in the ODI setup for the World Cup ahead of SKY unless SKY does something miraculous in the build up to the World Cup. The impact SKY has on white ball cricket is unmatchable and he will definitely cherish these opportunities.

Debashis: Well, my point a little different from you, Arjun! Yes, Suryakumar is an x-factor, but Shreyas has showcased incredible consistency in ODIs. Also, Ishan will be tested for the very first time in the middle order. So, it will be a litmus test for both Surya and Ishan, I reckon

Arjun: SKY, oh word! I think destiny has a lot to play in this. One needs to remember that it was Iyer’s injury in 2020 that gave SKY a chance to make his ODI debut, and we are back to square one. Shreyas is a phenomenal player, but Surya has the X-Factor, and one needs X-Factor to win World Cups. So, I would prefer SKY over Shreyas anyday.

DG: Hello guys! OneCricket's maiden Live Blog and I'm so excited for it. But let me throw up a question - How badly will India miss Shreyas Iyer? I reckon this injury is a 'HUGE' opportunity for Suryakumar Yadav to cement his place in the Indian middle order.


India: Rohit Sharma(c), Shubman Gill, Virat Kohli, Suryakumar Yadav, Ishan Kishan(w), Hardik Pandya, Washington Sundar, Mohammed Shami, Mohammed Siraj, Umran Malik, Yuzvendra Chahal, Kuldeep Yadav, Shardul Thakur, Srikar Bharat, Shahbaz Ahmed, Rajat Patidar.

New Zealand: Finn Allen, Devon Conway, Henry Nicholls, Daryl Mitchell, Tom Latham(w/c), Michael Bracewell, Glenn Phillips, Mitchell Santner, Ish Sodhi, Lockie Ferguson, Blair Tickner, Jacob Duffy, Doug Bracewell, Mark Chapman, Henry Shipley.

Updates from both team's camps

The BCCI, yesterday, notified that the Indian No.4 batter Shreyas Iyer has been ruled out of the entire ODIs. Rajat Patidar has been recalled to the team. However, Patidar will have to wait for his chance as Suryakumar Yadav will be solidifying the middle order.

Indian skipper Rohit Sharma has confirmed that Ishan Kishan will be playing in place of KL Rahul.

On the eve of the fixture, New Zealand's wily spinner Ish Sodhi has also been ruled out of the first ODI against India due to a niggle.

Hello and welcome to the minute-to-minute updates of the first ODI between India and New Zealand, live from Hyderabad's Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium. This is Arjun Bhalla, and I will soon be joined by my colleagues - Anurag Dasgupta (DG), Anurag Singh and many more.