Kaushik Kashyap ∙ Jan 4 2023, 1:00 PM

Gautam Gambhir advices Team India ahead of the big World Cup Year

image-lchf1zh2Hardik Pandya has garnered praise from cricket pundits

Former India opener Gautam Gambhir was in all praise for Hardik Pandya after the way the Indian all-rounder has done everything he could since his return from injury. 

The 41-year-old suggested Team India to find his backup as soon as possible ahead of the big World Cup year.

Pandya’s career has not been a simple one since the 29-year-old came up to the scene and was picked to play for Mumbai Indians in 2015. It has seen the highs of being one of a kind cricketer for India and the lows full of controversies and injuries. 

However, the Baroda cricketer is slowly putting every lows behind him and is getting to the best version of himself in the past few months. 

He recently got rid of his back issues which were troubling him for the past few years and has achieved remarkable things ever since.

India needs a backup for Hardik Pandya

While speaking on a Star Sports show, Gambhir shed light on the importance of finding a backup for Hardik Pandya.

"He has been absolutely brilliant. Since he has come out of that controversy. Since he has taken over as captain of Gujarat Titans, he has won the IPL. He has done everything possible that was asked of him.

"They need to quickly identify a back-up for Hardik. If something happens to him, India will be in serious, serious trouble."

Pandya's recent success has paved his way to be next leader of the Men in Blue. He is currently leading the Indian T20I side against Sri Lanka and if this is going to be a long term role for him, he has to be focussed on his fitness more than anything.

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