Arnav Chopra ∙ Sep 20 2022, 3:00 PM

Pat Cummins turns down Million-Dollar contract from an Indian city-based league

image-l8abm14tPat Cummins (PC: Twitter)

In what is coming as shocking and probably a little worrisome news, Australia's Test skipper Pat Cummins has reportedly denied taking millions from one of India's state associations to participate in their T20 league.

Previously, it was reported in The Daily Telegraph some city-based T20 leagues are in the vision of India's domestic state teams that might offer huge sums owing to more significant broadcast revenue and some expensive marketing contracts.

However, the Test skipper has made his ambitions clear by turning down the offer and stating that he would like to put his emphasis on international cricket and keep Australian cricket his precedence.

He also added that offers like these would keep coming up in future, but they have to be sure of the vision they are following and ensure that they don't fall for these gimmicks.

"These opportunities are huge, and they are popping up more and more often,

"I think it's just us as a sport in Australia to make sure that we've got a really strong vision of what we want Australian cricket to look like for the next five, ten years."

Cummins puts Australia at First Place

The 29-year-old has clearly stated his intentions when he mentioned that playing for his country is his utmost priority.

"We all want to keep Australian cricket as number one, so how can we manage all these different competing interests to try and keep it that way?

"Playing for your country, international cricket at the moment is still number one for just about everyone, especially here in Australia, but we can't just take that for granted."

In times when national contracts are being denied by players in favour of T20 franchise leagues, Cummins has been influential with his ideology in world cricket.

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