Arnav Chopra ∙ Jan 25 2023, 5:00 PM

Pat Cummins jibes back at people calling him out for losses

image-ldbn98nkPat Cummins (Source: Twitter)

With the India Test series looming large on Australia's mind, skipper Pat Cummins have spoken about the controversy that has been bothering him for a long time. 

The right-arm pacer was previously dragged into the dispute against country's prime sponsor 'Alinta Energy' after he expressed his displeasure over company's un-environmental policy. His words against Alinta caused them to backout from Cricket Australia deal which is slated end in June 2023.

Chief Executive of CA, Nick Hockley opened up on the talks and declared that the captain wasn't too impressed with the deal. However, there were certain reports that claimed that this caused the board quite a few losses.

 Cummins mentioned that the kind of role he holds in the team, he easily gets embroiled in controversies.

Furthermore, he iterated that he strongly holds his view and does not shy away from backing what he believes his correct.

"The nature of the position I am in, you get dragged into different things,

"It was one of those moments you have to live with -- people you don't know having opinions about you. My generation and people around that are passionate about different things. They are open-minded to things; some people can't leave those values at the door,

"It has always been a balance. We have seen certain players make decisions based on religions, or certain foods they eat, where they won't partner with specific partners."

Australia are scheduled to play India next in a four-match Test series after which they will be involved in three-match ODI series.

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