Vishal Mehra ∙ Jan 20 2023, 5:36 AM

'I can just see 'Mankad' doing absolute carnage'- Mark Butcher 

image-ld436o2iDeepti Sharma ran out Charlie Dean [Source: Twitter]

The former England player turned commentator, Mark Butcher, has opened up about the 'Mankad' mode of dismissal causing carnage in club cricket in the upcoming season. 

The runout at the non-striker's end has been a hotly debated topic in world cricket since India's Deepti Sharma inflected England's Charlie Dean during Lord's ODI last September. 

This has induced reactions from former and current England players like Ben Stokes, Heather Knight, Jos Buttler, and Michael Atherton, amongst many others. It was as recent as the ongoing ICC Under-19 Women's T20 World Cup 2023 and the Big Bash League (BBL) 2022-23.

Speaking to Metro, Butcher stated that dismissal might be legal, but it raises questions about sportsmanship. 

Here's what Butcher explained

"What is not being talked about is the effect that this is likely to have on village greens on Sunday afternoons up and down the country if this starts to become the norm,

​"I can just see absolute carnage happening up and down this land and many others if people start doing it as a matter of course in club games. ‘Because there’s very little regulation in terms of people’s behaviour there and the game as it is played and has been played for years and years with guys umpiring their own players and that type of thing."

The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), who are custodians of law and regulation in cricket, changed the wording of the 'controversial law' to make players, umpires, and audiences understand it better. 

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