Debashis Sarangi ∙ Nov 15 2022, 9:00 AM

Kane Williamson expresses his reluctance to execute 'Mankad' against India

image-lahx6u86Kane Williamson [Source: AP]

In a significant development, the ICC moved 'Mankading' from the unfair play to the run-out section with effect from October 1. However, many players are still reluctant to execute this controversial mode of dismissal on the field, considering it to be against the spirit of the game. 

New Zealand skipper Kane Williamson has joined the majority in opposing the dismissal, addressing it as an 'unattractive' part of the game. 

New Zealand will play a three-match T20I series against India starting this Friday. Ahead of the first T20I in Wellington, Williamson has stated that they won't focus on mankading the Indian batters in the series, as everybody would like to witness a contest between the bat and ball instead of the ball not being bowled. 

Here's what Williamson stated

"It is not something we are looking to do. It has been spoken a lot. Personally, I do not think it is a very attractive part of the game. You know, you compete, you do all you can and you want to make sure that people are not looking to get an advantage by leaving the crease a long way early. But I do not think it is a great part of the game. Most people turn up to see the competition between the bat and ball, not seeing a ball not being bowled."

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