Arnav Chopra ∙ Oct 15 2022, 6:00 AM

India unlikely to tour Pakistan for Asia Cup 2023

image-l99ia8o8India-Pakistan (Source: Twitter)

In the latest turn of events, the Indian Government is most likely to deny the Indian team to visit Pakistan for the Asia Cup 2023, according to the report published in Insidesport. Earlier it was reported that the Indian team was likely to visit their neighbours for the multi-national event, which now stands dismissed by a senior BCCI official who expressed his concern over disapproval from the Government.

It was also mentioned that the BCCI would request the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) to move the event out of Pakistan. Previously, the Future Tour Program (FTP) released by ICC had no scheduled series between India and Pakistan till 2027.

Soured bilateral ties between the two nations has contributed to the ever-growing tension that is seeing both countries abstaining from playing each other outside of global tournaments.

"At the moment, travelling to Pakistan is out of the equation. The Government will only give us permission if it's an ICC event. So, travelling to Pakistan for Asia Cup is unlikely to materialise. We are already discussing if a change in venue is possible for Asia Cup, and we will request the ACC to move the tournament out."

Even though BCCI has plans to send the team to Pakistan, it is understood that the top brass will not consider their willingness.

"If the Government agrees to let us visit Pakistan for ACC event, it will be good for cricket. But there are greater things than cricket, and it's completely up to the Government's discretion, and we will have to follow that."

With about a few days left for the India-Pakistan clash in T20 World Cup 2022, the match is expected to be a blockbuster, with the show already being sold out.

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