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[Watch] Kevin Sinclair's 'Unique' Cartwheel Back-Flip Celebration After 1st Test Wicket vs AUS

image-lrujcpkuUsman Khawaja (AP News)

In a moment of pure exuberance, West Indies' debutant Kevin Sinclair left cricket fans at the Gabba in awe with his unique cartwheel back-flip celebration after securing his maiden Test wicket. The magical delivery that sent Australian batter Usman Khawaja back to the pavilion was a testament to Sinclair's skill and potential in the longer format.

Watch video here:

At the 47.4 over mark, Sinclair tossed up an off-break outside off, tempting Khawaja into a drive. Khawaja took the bait, throwing his hands at the ball, only to produce an outside edge. The sharp catch at first slip by Athanaze sealed the fate of Khawaja's innings, marking a crucial breakthrough for the Windies.

What followed was a display of Sinclair's athleticism and flair for the dramatic. The debutant unleashed a celebratory summer-salt, combining a cartwheel with a back-flip, showcasing not only his cricketing prowess but also his gymnastic abilities. 

The crowd erupted in applause as Sinclair's unique celebration added an extra layer of excitement to the thrilling Test match at the Gabba. With this unforgettable moment, Kevin Sinclair etched his name in Test cricket history.