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Ex-MI Legend Announces Shocking Retirement From Professional Cricket

image-lsiwq1ohSaurabh Tiwary (X.com)

Former Mumbai Indians batter and Indian domestic cricket stalwart Saurabh Tiwary has called it quits on his professional career. Tiwary has announced that Jharkhand's final Ranji Trophy match of the ongoing season would be his farewell game. 

Saurabh Tiwary, who first held a bat at the age of 11, rose through the ranks quickly to make a first-class debut as a teenager. He won the U19 World Cup for his country in 2008 alongside Virat Kohli

Moreover, his notable contributions to Jharkhand and Mumbai Indians in 2010 fast-tracked his route to international cricket in the Asia Cup held in June. He played three ODIs and scored 49 runs. 

That being said, Tiwary's most commendable contributions came into domestic cricket, mostly for Jharkhand. He ended his career with 115 first-class games wherein he scored 8030 runs in 189 innings, including 22 centuries and 34 half-centuries. 

Meanwhile, Saurabh Tiwary addressed a press conference and clarified his decision is not motivated by a lack of prolific performances. 

"It's a little tough to bid farewell to this journey that I had started before my schooling. But I'm also sure that this is the right time for this. I feel that if you're not in the national team and IPL, it's better to vacate a spot in the state side for a youngster. Youngsters are getting a lot of chances in our Test team, so I'm making this decision," Tiwary said in a press conference.

Tiwary simply wants to make way for a youngster who has better career opportunities. The batter also added that a lot of players are getting picked from domestic cricket for the national Test team. Thus, there is no point in him being a roadblock for a deserving youngster.

"It's not like I've decided this only on the basis of my performances. You can see my record in Ranji and in the last domestic season. It's always asked what I'm going to do next, and for now, I only know that cricket is the only thing I know, so I'm going to be connected to the game. I got an offer from politics, too, but I haven't thought about that," he added.

That being said, Jharkhand has managed only a sole victory in six games this Ranji Trophy season. They will play their last fixture in Jamshedpur and are essentially out of the quarter-final race.