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'I'm Begging...' - AB de Villiers' Fresh Apology After Virat Kohli Gets Ruled Out Of ENG Series

image-lsgzzfduAB de Villiers & Kohli (X.com)

Virat Kohli’s former RCB teammate and close friend, AB de Villiers, used his social media to issue a fresh apology to Virat Kohli and his family for spilling out their personal secrets hours after the star batter got ruled out of the remainder of the Test series versus England owing to personal reasons. 

Virat Kohli’s personal life is up in flames as the stalwart has been missing cricketing action for a month now. He initially pulled out from the first two Tests of the five-game England series, citing unavoidable personal reasons.

Now, days ahead of the Rajkot Test, Virat Kohli has made himself unavailable for the rest of the series, citing personal reasons. BCCI confirmed the speculations earlier today and urged fans to respect the batter’s privacy.

However, Kohli’s close aide and former cricketer AB de Villiers accidentally violated Virat’s privacy when he made a bold claim on a YouTube live video. ABD said Virat and his wife Anushka are expecting a second child together, and the former captain wants to spend some quality time with his family.

However, after his comments caused an uproar on social media, de Villiers took a U-turn and claimed the information about an unborn child was incorrect and unconfirmed.

Meanwhile, after Virat Kohli was ruled out of the remainder of the England Test series, AB de Villers issued a fresh apology to his dear friend. He again took to YouTube to clarify that he deeply regrets sharing Virat’s secrets. 

He apologized to Kohli and his family for making a blunder, which was absolutely unnecessary on his end.

"My friend Virat Kohli is still not available. I cry out to everybody to give him the privacy that he deserves. Family comes first. No one knows what exactly is going on. I am asking all of us to respect that. I did bit of a blunder in my previous show and I apologise to the Kohli family for that," ABD said.

Not only that, de Villiers begged the fans to stay respectful of Virat’s privacy and not indulge in any kind of speculation.

"Just not nice. I shared information that was not confirmed at all so. I am begging everyone out there to respect him and his family and his private time. Hopefully, we will see Virat back, happy and scoring runs. Like he always does," he added.

AB de Villiers also confirmed that he does not know what’s happening behind the scenes in Virat Kohli’s personal life, nor does he want to speculate. He is just praying that all the issues the batter’s currently facing get resolved and that he can get to see him on the field sooner rather than later.