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‘He Might Surpass Elder One’: Chopra Says Musheer Khan Will Beat Sarfaraz Khan 

image-lsiwngj3Musheer Khan (Twitter)

Former Indian cricketer Aakash Chopra recently analyzed the young Indian squad’s performance in the U-19 World Cup 2024 final match against Australia. India once again surrendered themselves in front of Australia in the final match of a major tournament. 

Australia defeated India and won the U19 World Cup 2024 final by 79 runs, as the Indian middle order collapsed once again in the finals. However, Aakash Chopra was deeply impressed by the performance of the top-order batter Musheer Khan, younger brother of Sarfaraz Khan, who is eyeing his Test debut for the Indian cricket team. 

Aakash Chopra on Musheer Khan’s performance in U-19 World Cup 2024 

While analysing the match on his YouTube channel, Aakash Chopra said:

"I liked Musheer a lot. When their careers finish in the end, the younger brother might go ahead of the elder one. The good thing about him (Musheer) is that he has got the gift of timing. He plays very well on his legs and plays well straight too. Whenever the ball is in that range, he plays extremely well. The kid plays spin very well and plays some good unconventional shots too.” 

While talking about Khan, he further added, "He will have to work on one thing. The back-foot play is slightly weak. He got a life in the final and got out in the slips in the semi-final as well. If you have to play long, you will have to work."

Chopra discussed that Musheer is gifted and has incredible timing while batting, which makes him have superior skills than Sarfaraz Khan. Musheer Khan scored 22 runs off 33 deliveries in the final match and has consistently performed for the Indian cricket team throughout the U-19 World Cup 2024 tournament. Chopra highlighted that Khan has to work on his back foot a little to enhance his performance and someday make it to the Indian team. 

Much to everyone's disappointment, India lost to Australia in the U19 World Cup final.