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[Watch] 'We All Waited For This...' - Rohit Sharma Speaks His Heart Out While Chatting With PM Modi

PM Modi's during Interaction with Team India[x.com] PM Modi's during Interaction with Team India[x.com] 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi hosted the T20 World Cup-winning Indian cricket team at his residence in New Delhi on July 4, 2024.

The team, led by captain Rohit Sharma, returned victorious from the Caribbean after clinching the T20 World Cup title by defeating South Africa in the final.

Watch: PM Modi Conversation With Team India

In a heartfelt interaction, PM Modi congratulated the team, highlighting their team spirit, talent, and perseverance.

"The team brought immense joy to the nation by lifting the title in the Caribbean”.

PM Modi emphasizing the significance of India's first ICC title in 11 years and the first World Cup since 2011.

The breakfast meeting at 7 Lok Kalyan Marg included BCCI Secretary Jay Shah and President Roger Binny, who gifted the Prime Minister with an Indian jersey.

One of the highlights of the meeting was PM Modi’s playful banter with leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal. Noticing Chahal’s nervous demeanor, Modi humorously asked,

 "Why are you so serious? It’s against your nature."

The room burst into laughter, easing the atmosphere. PM Modi also engaged in a light-hearted exchange with Rohit Sharma about his unique walk while receiving the trophy. When asked about the 'Ric Flair' walk.

Rohit explained, "My teammates told me to do something different." Modi quipped, "Was it Chahal's idea?" sparking another round of laughter.

Reflecting on the emotional moment of winning, Rohit shared,

"I just wanted to keep a memory of the moment we won.This was the pitch we won on. We all had waited a lot for this, worked very hard for this. Many times we came very close to winning the World Cup, but we could not move forward, but this time because of everyone we were able to achieve this."

After the meeting, the Indian cricket team celebrated their triumph with an open bus victory parade in Mumbai, culminating in a grand celebration at Wankhede Stadium.