WTC final | ICC stays 200-run follow-on rule, allows players to seek clarification before DRS call

Mayank Kumar

Mayank Kumar

Author| Jun 7, 11:03 AM

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The International Cricket Council has clarified that the follow-on rule will be implied as per the normal course if the first day of the World Test Championship will be washed out which otherwise would not have been applied in any other Test matches.

The 14.1 clause that governs the follow-on rule by the ICC states that if a game is shortened to a three-day or a four-day contest, the team batting second will have to score at least 150 runs less than the score of the team batting first to avoid the follow-on, which in general Test matches is 200 runs.

"If no play takes place on the first and second days of the match, clause 14.1 shall apply in accordance with the number of days remaining (including the scheduled Reserve Day) from the start of play. The day on which play first commences shall count as a whole day for this purpose, irrespective of the time at which play starts. Play will have taken place as soon as, after the call of Play, the first over has started, ICC stated.

Additionally, the ICC has also offered the fielding team or the batsman to be given out to have a clarification from the on-filed umpire on whether he had considered him playing a shot or not offering a shot before coming to a decision.

"Player Review - this is a new standard playing condition. Previously the playing conditions prevented a player from asking the umpire any questions before launching a review which led to the unreasonable loss of a review when the player and umpire had a different opinion on whether a shot had been played. This has been changed to allow either the fielding captain or the dismissed batter to ask the umpire whether a genuine attempt has been made to play the ball prior to deciding whether to initiate a player review," the ICC noted.

The World Test Championship final will be played between India and New Zealand from June 18 in Southampton.

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