Arnav Chopra ∙ Aug 10 2022, 11:12 AM

Kevin Pietersen's belief and the privatisation of English County Cricket 

image-l6nizg3fPietersen believes English County Cricket is heading towards privatisation

Is cricket getting too boring? Is it dying? Is it still sellable, especially outside the subcontinent? What can be done to ensure it is kept alive?

Privatise it.

At least, that’s what Kevin Pietersen thinks is an answer to this ever-lingering question. 

It’s 9th August, and an image is posted on Ravi Shastri’s Twitter handle. Pietersen quickly takes note of it, and he tweets within the next three hours.

The picture we are talking about has already sparked quite a few rumours. Two of the world’s most influential personalities, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai and Indian Industrialist Mukesh Ambani, along with Ravi Shastri enjoying a game of the Hundred at Lord’s.

Pietersen’s response was to refer to his previous tweet, which said, “County Cricket will be franchised in the not too distant future.” Although it sounds a little absurd, whatever he says might have some steam in it.

Just when the Indian franchises owning the teams in different leagues is becoming a trend, the two names mentioned above make things ever so suspicious. Also, putting in the fact that they share a close work relationship, with Google having a stake in RIL (Reliance Industries Limited).

But where does that go?

Both of them, to some extent, might be keen to grab a slice in the UK’s cricket market after some deliberate thought, glancing at the potential of this venture.

image-l6nh91abIndian Premier League 

Even though it might just be speculations, but the reality can’t be ruled out that some time back, the ECB (England & Wales Cricket Board) were looking to sell some stake in the Hundred to the IPL franchises.

With every thought, the reality looks more closer to the dream, but how much of it is worthy is still debatable. 

Privatisation of County Cricket?

Pietersen took this concept too seriously and wants the County side of it to be handed over to the private owners too.

Well, privatisation is a serious risk that may or may not bear results, just in case it does, you earn a lottery, as in the case of the IPL.

Like everyone, he too wants cricket to revive but is it the way to go ahead with?

Exploring the possibility of Test cricket in England running under different entities might give the impression that there could be some serious flow-in of funds, attracting prominent global names and keeping the fresh guns interested in the traditional format.

However, reading into his mindset and his predictions, the right-hander, has often called it precise in the past, and it won’t be a shock if even his this bold forecast goes that route in future.

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