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[Watch] 'Tod Tod Ke Dil Khatam Kar Diya,' PAK Fangirl's Rant Viral After Upset Vs USA

Pakistan struggling against USA in T20 World Cup (X.com)Pakistan struggling against USA in T20 World Cup (X.com)

In a viral video that brings back the memories of Momin Saqib's 2019 rant, a Pakistan female fan was seen trashing the Pakistan cricket team left, right, and centre following their humiliating super over defeat in the T20 World Cup against the associate team USA.

Pakistan's cricket team became a subject of mockery after they lost to the USA's associate team in the super over of the T20 World Cup Group-A league game held last night in New York.

After falling to defend 160 runs, Mohammad Amir's 18-run eventful super over sealed Pakistan's fate as Iftikhar, Shadab, and Fakhar Zaman fell short of 5 runs to witness a massive upsetting loss in the tournament opener.

Naturally, the fans weren't happy and faced embarrassment on the world stage. A female fan particularly ranted on live camera to express her extreme disappointment towards Pakistan's abysmal standards in international cricket.

She said that while fans are always there to back the players, the Pakistan cricket team simply does not care about the fans' feelings, as they never make an effort to fight on the field.

The fan added that more than wins, Pakistan ends up bottling easy games which are difficult to endure for fans. She also accused the team of participating in tournaments for the purpose of vacation as they are least interested in playing quality cricket.

Not only that, the enraged female fan urged the Pakistan cricket board, as well as the players, to take a firm stand to revive Pakistan cricket before it's too late. 

That being said, Pakistan's woes will only intensify as they are set to face a dominant Indian side at the same venue on June 9.