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[Watch] Babar Azam, Amir 'Left Speechless' After Rizwan’s Wayward Throw Leads To Comedy Of Errors

The wayward throw from Rizwan (X.com)The wayward throw from Rizwan (X.com)

Pakistan and their efforts while fielding often become the talk of the town, and there are reasons behind its happening. 

On Thursday, during their T20 World Cup 2024 clash against the USA, it became once again when Iftikhar Ahmed did not make any effort to grab a catch while being placed at slip. However, it went to a whole new level when the match went into Super Over, in which the USA eventually pulled off a historic victory.

The incident happened when Amir, during the Super Over, bowled a wide delivery to USA's Aaron Jones. The batter went for an extra run, and Rizwan's wayward throw allowed him to add two more runs.

Amir had no chance whatsoever to stop it before Iftikhar Ahmed returned it back from the boundary line.

As Rizwan is a senior member of the side, no one knew how to react after the incident. Both Babar Azam and Mohammad Amir were in utter disbelief, making it another epic Pakistan's fielding blunder.

Watch the video here:

Eventually, Saurabh Netravalkar turned into the USA's hero, as he successfully defended the total in the Super Over. Of course, the two extra runs conceded by Rizwan played a part as well.