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[Watch] Uganda Erupts Into 'Wholesome Victory Dance' After Upsetting PNG In T20 World Cup 2024

Uganda celebrates historic T20 WC victory vs PNG (X.com)Uganda celebrates historic T20 WC victory vs PNG (X.com)

Underdogs Uganda erupted into a joyous celebration on the field after their stunning victory over Papua New Guinea (PNG) in the T20 World Cup, marking one of the most memorable moments in the nation's cricket history.

This year, the T20 World Cup expanded to 20 nations with a view to allow associate nations to thrive and learn from competing with the best teams in the world.

It was basically a platform to help underdog teams like Uganda to make a name for themselves in the field of cricket. And Uganda established how they are not taking the platform for granted.

In the latest Group C league game, Uganda produced a massive upset by beating Papua New Guinea in a low-scoring thriller game held at Providence Stadium in Guyana.

PNG were humbled after being put into bat first as the Uganda bowling attack restricted PNG to just 77 runs after four bowlers bagged 2 wickets each.

That being said, Uganda was also made to toil hard as they lost the first 3 wickets inside 3 overs. But Riazat Ali Shah's 33-run knock, assisted by Juma Miyagi's 13-run finish, guided Uganda to their first-ever victory in the T20 World Cup.

Indeed Uganda were ecstatic and jubilant after the nail biting win and celebrated the monumental moment with a wholesome dance. The victory dance was a spontaneous outpouring of joy, featuring traditional moves and heartfelt jubilation.

Watch the video here

The players, draped in their national colours, formed a circle and danced with infectious enthusiasm, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Uganda. 

The wholesome moment reflects the importance of these wins for a thriving country like Uganda, where cricket is still finding its footing.