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[Watch] 'Pehle Dekhte The... Ab Khelte Hai' - Babar Azam On IND Vs PAK In T20 World Cup 2024

Pakistan is scheduled to face India on June 9th in New York [x.com]Pakistan is scheduled to face India on June 9th in New York [x.com]

In the early stages of the ongoing T20 World Cup 2024, excitement among fans in the cricket world reaches its pinnacle as anticipation builds for the highly anticipated clash between arch-rivals India and Pakistan.

The Nassau County International Cricket Stadium is set to witness a battle of nerves on June 9, with fans scrambling for tickets at record-high prices.

[Watch] Babar Azam Shares Insights On High-Stakes Showdown Vs IND

Pakistan's skipper, Babar Azam, recognizes the gravity of the moment, stating, "Poori duniya iss cheez ka intezar karti hai (the whole world waits for this)."

He acknowledges the intense pressure surrounding matches between the two cricketing giants, emphasizing the importance of nerve control and experience.

Reflecting on Pakistan's historical struggles against India in T20 World Cups, Babar Azam remains optimistic, focusing on the mental fortitude required on match day.

"It boils down to which team holds its nerves better on the day," he asserts, highlighting the significance of composure amidst the high-stakes encounter.

Babar Azam's journey from hearing about the India-Pakistan rivalry to leading his team into battle underscores the magnitude of the occasion.

"Woh hum pehle sunte te, ab hum khel rahe hain (first we used to hear about it, now we play)," he remarks, encapsulating the transition from spectator to participant in one of cricket's fiercest rivalries.

As both teams prepare to navigate through Group A, comprising India, Pakistan, Ireland, USA, and Canada, the spotlight remains firmly fixed on the impending showdown.