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[Watch] Bangladesh-Sri Lanka Rivalry Peaks As Mankad Takes Place During 1st Test

Khaled Ahmed trying to mankad Kamindu Mendis (X.com)Khaled Ahmed trying to mankad Kamindu Mendis (X.com)

In the first Test of the two-match series, Bangladesh bowler Khaled Ahmed attempted to Mankad Kamindu Mendis, adding a controversial moment to the match.

Controversies seem to have no end in the Bangladesh-Sri Lanka series. In the first test at Sylhet International Stadium, Bangladesh pacer Khaled Ahmad attempted to Mankad Kamindu Mendis, who had already scored two centuries in the game. 

However, Ahmad's unconventional approach saw him trying to hit the stumps at the non-striker’s end with a backhand flick instead of releasing the ball. Fortunately for Mendis, Ahmad's attempts were unsuccessful, but had he connected, Mendis, then on 49, would have been caught out of his ground.

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The Bangladesh Sri Lanka Rivalry

The rivalry between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka is heating up with each passing game. For both teams, tensions run high due to the lingering bitterness of the World Cup timeout controversy. Sri Lankan veteran Angelo Mathews' controversial dismissal for being late to the crease only added fuel to the fire. Since then, a series of dramatic events and controversies have further fueled the intensity of the rivalry between these two cricketing nations.

 Sri Lanka is currently touring Bangladesh for a series of T20, ODI, and Test matches. Sri Lanka clinched the T20I series 1-2, but not without controversy. In one instance, Soumya Sarkar's wicket wasn't given despite a clear spike on Ultra-Edge. The third umpire controversially ruled it not out, leaving Sri Lanka visibly frustrated.

As tensions increased, Bangladesh turned the tables in the subsequent ODI series, winning 2-1. The Bangladeshi players' mocking of Sri Lanka over the time-out incident only inflamed the controversies, further fueling the rivalry between the two teams.

Currently, both teams are engaged in a Test series, with Sri Lanka emerging victorious in the first Test by a margin of 328 runs.