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[Watch] Mushfiqur Rahim Revisits Mathews' Time Out Dismissal To Mock SL After Series Win

Bangladesh celebrate ODI series win vs Sri Lanka in style (X.com)Bangladesh celebrate ODI series win vs Sri Lanka in style (X.com)

In an iconic moment to further fuel the existing rivalry against Sri Lanka, Bangladesh wicket-keeper Mushfiqur Rahim brought a helmet to bring back Angelo Mathews' infamous timeout dismissal memories and made a mockery of Sri Lanka after an enthralling ODI series win.

A new rivalry was ignited between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka during the ODI World Cup 2023 when Shakib Al Hasan appealed for a timeout dismissal against Mathews, thus resulting in one of the major controversies of the tournament. 

Mathews's historic timeout dismissal turned cricketing relations between the two Asian countries sour, and the resentment between the players was visible during the recently conducted bilateral series. 

After winning the T20 series, the Sri Lankan cricket team collectively mocked Bangladesh with a timeout gesture during the presentation ceremony.

Days later, Bangladesh earned their moment of redemption by outclassing the visitors in a three-game ODI series. With the series levelled at 1-1, Bangladesh earned a four-wicket victory in the series decider. 

Shortly after the win, Rahim gave it back to Sri Lanka with an iconic celebration. He brought a helmet out of nowhere and made some animated gestures to mock Mathews. 

Rahim's gestures were similar to Mathews' when he initially appealed against the timeout dismissal, citing that a broken strap in his helmet caused the delay.

The Bangladesh players were also confused at one stage but played along to mock Sri Lanka brutally.

Needless to say, the rivalry will only escalate from here. Both sides have been at loggerheads since the ODI World Cup incident, and with that, the sportsmanship spirit has taken a backseat.