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[Watch] 'Virat Kohli Fans Are Jobless': Pat Cummins' Distasteful Remark Makes Waves

Pat Cummins & Virat Kohli (Twitter)Pat Cummins & Virat Kohli (Twitter)

Australian captain, Pat Cummins, recently revealed how he found himself in hot water with the passionate fans of Indian cricket superstar, Virat Kohli. Cummins, who acknowledged Kohli as a formidable opponent, shared his experiences of facing backlash from Kohli's supporters on social media.

In an anecdote that showed the perils of even the mildest commentary on popular figures, Pat Cummins recalled a moment when he expressed hope that Kohli wouldn't notch up another century.

Social media delves into Cummins' unsettling experience with Kohli's fans

Despite his comments being more laudatory than critical, he described the ensuing reaction as a storm that brewed long after the quiet before it.

A X user posted this video of Cummins' experiences with the fans with a controversial caption suggesting that Virat Kohli's fans are "mostly jobless.” The video has gone viral with the post receiving contrasting responses.

"If you live on social media at all, you get absolutely hounded by them. Say anything about Virat Kohli and look out for the next few years," Cummins remarked during a recent interview.

Cummins stated that his off-hand comment made months prior seemed forgotten until Kohli, living up to his reputation, hit a spectacular century six months later. He disclosed how this triggered an avalanche of distasteful responses from Kohli's fans.

"I remember I said something a few years ago and it was actually compliment. I said that he is a gun player and hoped he would not score 100 and then after six months when he scored a 100, my social media blew up," added the World Cup-winning captain.

While Cummins didn’t directly state it, he strongly implied that certain segments of Kohli’s fan base on social media engage in behaviour that is highly obnoxious.