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[Watch] 6,4,6: Nicholas Pooran's 'Out Of This World' Six vs PNG's Sese Bau Leaves Fans Stunned

Nicholas Pooran (X.com)
Nicholas Pooran (X.com)

West Indies star wicket-keeper batter, Nicholas Pooran showcased his sheer dominance with his stunning consecutive attacking to PNG's Sese Bau, with one of his boundaries soaring the sky and going literally 'out of the park' leaving the viewers in a state of shock.

Watch the video here:

During the fifth over, Bau began the over with a tossed up delivery outside the off from round the wicket. Pooran danced his way down the track and tonked it straight to the back over the bowler's head for huge six. The ball sailed through and went right outside the Provicinival Stadium.

He followed this up with a stupendous maximum that sailed 86 metre away into the crowd. He truly hammered the PNG bowler ruthlessly by troubling him ball after ball.

At the time of writing, WI is at 61/1 with Nicholas Pooran and Brandon King at the crease. Follow our live blog for all real-time updates.