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[Watch] '2 Din Baad Realise Hua Hum World Cup Har Gaye Hain': Rohit Sharma On Losing WC

Rohit Sharma has started T20 World Cup 2024 with a fifty (x.com)Rohit Sharma has started T20 World Cup 2024 with a fifty (x.com)

Rohit Sharma led the Indian team to a loss in the ODI World Cup 2023 final against Australia in Ahmedabad last year. Like millions of Indian fans, Rohit Sharma hasn't recovered from that defeat and continues to carry the burden of that loss even today.

After winning 10 straight games, nobody expected India to lose against Australia in the final. India had beaten Australia in the group stage as well, but when it mattered, Pat Cummins' side came out winning. 

Earlier, Cummins had led Australia to victory over Rohit Sharma's India in the World Test Championship final as well. Now, Rohit's India is in the T20 World Cup, aiming to heal these wounds and emerge as champions.

Watch: Rohit speaking about painful conversations with his wife Ritika

Rohit Sharma spoke about how he felt after he lost the final against Australia in the final.

"I ran (towards dressing room after the loss). I was in no mood to stay there. Honestly, I just wanted this so badly. I mean, when you want something so desperately and you're not getting it, you get frustrated. You get disappointed. You get angry, you get all these negative thoughts running through your head. At that moment, you can't even think of what's happened in life. You don't understand that. You just want to go home,” said Rohit.

Rohit Sharma also said that it took him 2-3 days to come to terms with the loss. During that time, he kept telling his wife Ritika that it was all just a bad dream. 

The Indian captain mentioned that it's tough to wait another four years for a chance to win it .

The Indian team would be eager to win the T20 World Cup to alleviate some of the lingering pain, especially for players like Rohit Sharma. 

India will face Pakistan on 9th of June in T20 World Cup 2024.