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Babar Azam's Poor Record For Worst Powerplay SR In T20 WC; No Sixes Off 14 Innings

Babar Azam is the top scorer of Pakistan in game vs USA in T20 WC (AP)Babar Azam is the top scorer of Pakistan in game vs USA in T20 WC (AP)

Babar Azam, the captain of Pakistan's T20 team, is undoubtedly one of the best batters in the world. However, his strike rate in T20 format has often been a point of discussion. Many have criticized Babar Azam's slow-paced batting in the fast-paced T20 format.

On Thursday, against the USA, a relatively weaker team compared to Pakistan, Babar Azam scored 44 runs off 43 balls in a strike rate of 102.33, including 3 boundaries and 2 sixes.

What is most surprising is that Babar Azam's powerplay strike rate in T20 World Cup history is very low by T20 standards. In 14 innings he played, Babar has a strike rate of  mere 86.91 in power plays, which is only decent to good in ODI cricket.

In those 14 innings, Babar scored 166 runs from 191 balls, including 20 boundaries. Another notable poor record is that Babar Azam hasn't hit a six in powerplays of T20 World Cup game.

Pakistan benched Saim Ayub for Usman Khan or for Babar?

Saim Ayub was the expected opener for Pakistan in the T20 World Cup, but he didn't make the team for the match against the USA. It was a choice between Usman Khan and Saim Ayub, and Pakistan selected the former, who can bat at number 3. That would also mean Babar could open with Mohammad Rizwan.

Before the T20 World Cup, there was significant confusion about who would be Pakistan's openers. At one point, Babar Azam hinted he would bat at number 3, making Ayub and Rizwan the openers. 

However, as the T20 World Cup approached, Babar chose to open with Rizwan, leaving the big-hitting Saim Ayub on the bench. This decision is likely to be questioned later.