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'Virat Kohli Will Forget Hospitality Of India' - Shahid Afridi On How PAK Will Treat Indian Star During CT 2025

Virat Kohli with Shahid Afridi (X.com)Virat Kohli with Shahid Afridi (X.com)

Virat Kohli is a global icon with fans all over the world and same is the case in Pakistan, despite indifferent relations with India. The Champions Trophy 2025 is scheduled to be played in Pakistan in 2025, and with slim chances of India also travelling to the country, Shahid Afridi has said that Virat Kohli will be given a grand welcome in Pakistan.

The former Pakistan skipper said that Virat Kohli has lot of fans in Pakistan and he will end up forgetting hospitality of India if he comes to Pakistan as quoted by News24 Sports.

He also added that all Pakistanis are eager to see Virat Kohli playing in Pakistan and it would be quite a spectacle if India does travel to Pakistan for the ICC event.

"If Virat Kohli comes to Pakistan, he'll forget the hospitality of India. Virat has lots of fans in Pakistan, we're eager to see Virat play in Pakistan."

Will India Travel To Pakistan For Champions Trophy 2025?

According to some reports, India is still hoping for a hybrid model just like the Asia Cup 2023, but PCB is adamant this time around, and want the whole tournament in their country. If the compeition does happen in Pakistan, all India matches are likely to be played in Lahore.