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Qualification For T20 World Cup 2026 In India And Sri Lanka Intensifies In Europe; Check Full Schedule

T20 World Cup trophy (X.com)T20 World Cup trophy (X.com)

The T20 World Cup 2024 is done and dusted, and the focus has now shifted to T20 World Cup 2026. For the associate nations, the qualification for the event is a big deal, and currently European countries are fighting it out in ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2026 Europe Sub Regional Qualifier B in Germany.

Italy won the Qualifier A and now ten teams - Belgium, Croatia, Gibraltar, Jersey, Norway, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland alongside hosts Germany are battling for that one spot in the European Qualifier 2025. The matches are being played in Krefeld Cricket Ground and the Gelsenkirchen Cricket Ground and it is the first time Germany is hosting an ICC event.

The 10 teams are divided in two groups and the tournament started on 7th of July with final to be played on 14th of July. The winner of this tournament will join Scotland, Netherlands, Italy and the winner of Qualifier C.

Schedule Of T20 World Cup 2026 Europe Sub Regional Qualifier B

Sunday 7 July 

Jersey Vs Serbia
Krefeld Cricket Ground
Germany v GibraltarGelsenkirchen Cricket Ground
Belgium v SwitzerlandKrefeld Cricket Ground
Norway v SwedenGelsenkirchen Cricket Ground

Monday 8 July

Slovenia vs NorwayKrefeld Cricket Ground
Croatia vs BelgiumGelsenkirchen Cricket Ground
Sweden vs GermanyKrefeld Cricket Ground
Switzerland vs JerseyGelsenkirchen Cricket Ground

Wednesday 10 July

Jersey vs BelgiumKrefeld Cricket Ground
Germany vs NorwayGelsenkirchen Cricket Ground
Serbia vs CroatiaKrefeld Cricket Ground
Gibraltar vs SloveniaGelsenkirchen Cricket Ground

Thursday 11 July

Gibraltar vs SwedenKrefeld Cricket Ground
Serbia v SwitzerlandGelsenkirchen Cricket Ground
Slovenia v GermanyKrefeld Cricket Ground
Croatia v JerseyGelsenkirchen Cricket Ground

Saturday 13 July

Belgium v SerbiaKrefeld Cricket Ground
Norway v GibraltarGelsenkirchen Cricket Ground
Switzerland v CroatiaKrefeld Cricket Ground
Sweden v SloveniaGelsenkirchen Cricket Ground

Sunday 14 July

A2 v B2 (3rd place playoff)Krefeld Cricket Ground
A4 v B4 (7th place playoff)Gelsenkirchen Cricket Ground
A1 v B1 (Final)Krefeld Cricket Ground
A3 v B3 (5th place playoff)Gelsenkirchen Cricket Ground

The T20 World Cup 2026 which will be played in India and Sri Lanka will be a 20-team affair just like the 2024 edition and 12 teams have already qualified for the event. Rest of the eight teams will be selected by Regional Qualifiers across the globe, and it would be interesting to see how the lower-ranked Europeans teams go up against European big guns like Scotland and Netherlands.