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'Bowling Royalty': Pat Cummins' Meets Aussie Mate, McLaren Star Oscar Piastri At British Grand Prix

Pat Cummins with Oscar Piastri (X.com)Pat Cummins with Oscar Piastri (X.com)

Pat Cummins has grown into one of the finest captains in Australian cricket in last couple of years, and his stature in Australian cricket and in Australia as a whole has increased big time. Another Australian superstar is McLaren's F1 driver Oscar Piastri and both of them were seen together in the Silverstone Circuit during the recently held British Grand Prix.

Oscar posted the photo of the two on his Instagram handle with a caption - 'Bowling royalty meets part-time medium pacer' suggesting that he also plays cricket during his free time. 

Pat Cummins with Oscar Piastri

Pat Cummins Set To Play MLC 2024

As far as Pat Cummins is concerned, he has signed up to play for San Francisco Unicorns in MLC 2024, but has not joined the squad yet, and is enjoying the much-deserved break after a hectic Indian Premier League and T20 World Cup 2024.

Under Pat Cummins' leadership, Australia won the World Test Championship Final and World Cup 2023 and even retained the Ashes in England. He has been brilliant with the ball as well all through this years, and in recent times, he has taken big steps as a T20 bowler too, with consecutive hat-tricks in T20 World Cup 2024.