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'My Parents Decided I Would Come On Earth' - MS Dhoni's Hilarious Response On No.7 Jersey

image-lsh8fb2pMS Dhoni wears No.7 [X.com]

Mahendra Singh Dhoni gave a hilarious response when asked to reveal his connection with No.7 and the reason why he decided to opt for this jersey number for the Indian cricket team and the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in the Indian Premier League (IPL). 

The legendary former India skipper and CSK's active leader said there was no rocket science involved in the decision, it's just that his birthday was connected to the No.7. Born on 7th July, 1981, Dhoni said he opted for the number since it involved his birth date. 

Speaking at an event with host Vikram Sathaye, Dhoni gave a humorous answer when Sathaye wondered if No.7 meant 7 PM, the time when his parents wanted their ward to return home from playing cricket in the society.

Dhoni's Funny Response To No.7 Query 

When asked by Sathaye if this was the time his parents told Dhoni to come home, the great wicketkeeper-batter said,"No that is the time my parents decided I would come on earth." 

"I was born on the 7th July. So July again the seventh month (and) 1981 was the year so 8 minus 1 is 7. So it was very easy for me when they asked me which number I wanted to wear."

Dhoni recently resumed training after undergoing a prolonged phase of recovery from his knee injury and surgery last year after the IPL 2023. 

The CSK great is eyeing a sixth trophy for his team at the forthcoming IPL 2024 and will soon enter a preparation camp with the rest of the squad in Chennai. It is speculated that the coming season could be Dhoni's last in competitive cricket.