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[Watch] 'No. 7 Thala For A Reason' - Astrologer Becomes MS Dhoni's Fan On Camera; Video Goes Viral

image-lsg3kmy6MS Dhoni will captain CSK in IPL 2024 (BCCI)

People’s obsession with the number seven jersey is not hidden to anyone and the credit goes to only one man, the former and most successful captain of the Indian cricket team Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Dhoni’s seven number jersey recently went viral and became a meme fest after people began the trend ‘Thala for a reason’ on social media.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni who is the captain of the most successful IPL team franchise Chennai Super Kings is associated as Thala in the team’s Home city Chennai. Thala which means ‘Leader’ in Tamil has widely been associated with MS Dhoni in the cricket world.

Every time someone finds something related to number seven they associate it with ‘Thala’ and call it ‘Thala for a reason’ while recalling the greatness of MS Dhoni who has won many unexpected games for India. Recently an astrologer while talking about the Leo sun sign, claimed that number seven is lucky for them during the Valentines week, and later called it ‘Thala for a reason’.

The video went viral on social media as the astrologer became a part of the meme trend.

 Watch Astrologer become MS Dhoni's fan

MS Dhoni on the popularity of his Number 7 Jersey

In a recent promotional event for Single.ID, MS Dhoni talked about why he is associated with this number since the beginning of his career. 

"That is the time or day my parents will come on earth. I was born on the 7th Of July. So July is again the same month. 81 was the year so 8-1=7. So it was very easy for me to go out there when they asked me 'what number do you want?'" MS Dhoni stated.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni will be next seen participating in the 17th season of the IPL And we once again wear the yellow jersey to lead Chennai Super Kings who are also the defending champions of the season. After a lot of speculation MS Dhoni decided to go ahead and participate in one more season of the tournament.