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'Disappointed Not To Get It Done' -Emotional Meg Lanning Reflects On Loss Vs RCB In WPL Final

Meg Lanning after WPL final loss (X.com)Meg Lanning after WPL final loss (X.com)

Meg Lanning didn't hide her disappointment after losing the WPL final to RCB, especially considering their dominant run in the league stage. This marks the second consecutive final loss for both Lanning and the Delhi Capitals in the WPL.

For two seasons, Meg Lanning has led the Delhi Capitals with grace and determination. Despite reaching the finals twice without clinching victory, Lanning's leadership has been nothing short of exemplary. Her aesthetic approach to the game ensures that the team never gives up, fighting till the very last ball. It's this unwavering spirit that defines Lanning as a born winner and leaves a lasting impact on her team.

In the face of defending a small target in the final, Meg Lanning instilled a fighting spirit in the Delhi Capitals, ensuring they battled till the last moment. They refused to make it easy for Bangalore, displaying grit and determination on the field. 

Meg Lanning graciously congratulated RCB for their victory, displaying sportsmanship and respect for their opponents. However, she also didn't shy away from expressing her disappointment.

"Disappointed not to get it done tonight. We feel we played some good cricket in the tournament but we could not pull it off today. Congratulations to RCB, they played really well.

Meg Lanning  also expressed her heartfelt gratitude to all the management, backroom, and supporting staff for their dedication and hard work throughout the season. However, she humbly apologized to them for not clinching the title.

Meg Lanning's illustrious career boasts an impressive tally of seven ICC trophies, with five of them earned under her captaincy for Australia. With such a remarkable record, one might think there's nothing left for her to achieve in her career. However, Lanning's tearful reaction after the game speaks volumes about her passion for the sport. 

Lanning has retired from international cricket and is living a post retirement life which she is enjoying despite her numerous accomplishments, her emotional response underscores the deep connection she has to the game and the intensity with which she competes. 

It's a testament to Lanning's unwavering dedication and love for cricket, transcending mere statistics and trophies.