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'Ee Sala Cup Namdu' - Smriti Mandhana Dedicates WPL Title Win To Loyal RCB Fans

RCB-W lifts WPL 2024 season trophy (X.com)RCB-W lifts WPL 2024 season trophy (X.com)

Royal Challengers Bangalore Women scripted history with its maiden title win in the Women’s Premier League earlier today, and captain Smriti Mandhana made a special mention for the fans in her victory speech by reciting an iconic phrase associated with the franchise.

Smriti Mandhana will go down as the first captain to have won a title for Royal Challengers Bangalore franchise in its 16 years of existence. 

RCB-W outclassed DC-W in a dominant all-round performance to lift the prized trophy and end the title drought for the franchise.

Meanwhile, in her victory speech at the presentation ceremony, Captain Smriti Mandhana admitted that the win felt surreal. The whole team is overwhelmed and will take a moment to sink in the feeling of a title win.

Mandhana lauded her side for an inspiring comeback in WPL’s Delhi leg after having lost two crucial games on the road to the playoffs.

Not only that, Smriti expressed gratitude to the RCB-W management for backing her ideas and showing faith in her game plan throughout the league.

"It still hasn't sunk in. Will take time. I'm really proud of the team. We stuck together. Happy to get over the line in the finale. We did well in the Bengaluru leg. Came to Delhi and lost two matches. It's great that we made a comeback. The management backed my ideas. They showed full faith in me. All thanks to them," Mandhana said.

Smriti Mandhana further added that the win means a lot to the RCB fans who had to wait for 16 long years to witness a moment like this. Every year, the fans chant the phrase ‘Ee Saala Cup Namdu,’ which translates to ‘This time the Cup is Ours.’

"The title win means a lot to the fans. One of my top-5 wins. A World Cup victory would always stay No. 1. One statement that always comes up is Ee Saala Cup Namde. Finally, I want to say Ee Saala Cup Namdu. It was important to say it for the fans," she added.

But the men’s team could never do what the women’s side managed to achieve today, and that in itself was a moment of great honor for Smriti Mandhana. She dictated the win to the fans and signed off with the ‘Ee Saala Cup Namdu’ phrase before lifting the ultimate WPL 2024 season trophy.