Top 5 Losses As Captain In T20I Cricket

Babar Azam has led Pakistan to 28 defeats ( Azam has led Pakistan to 28 defeats (

In the fast-paced world of T20I cricket, captains are often lauded for their strategic brilliance and leadership qualities. However, the flip side of this role involves shouldering the responsibility for losses, especially while leading their respective countries. 

While victories are celebrated, losses often overshadow the valiant efforts and strategic decisions made on the field.

There are countless times when things don't go to plan and teams lose despite a captain's best efforts. These losses are detrimental to the teams and also reflect badly on the captain's individual records.

Today, we delve into a less glamorous statistic, exploring the top five captains with the most losses in T20Is.

1. Clinton Rubagumya* - 44 Losses

Clinton Rubagumya is captain of Rwanda ( Rubagumya is captain of Rwanda (

Clinton Rubagumya tops this list with 44 losses as the captain of Rwanda. He has only managed to win 14 out of the 60 games he has led. 

Despite the losses, he continues to lead his nation as Rwanda tries to find its feet in the sport. Rubagumya’s dedication to nurturing young talent and promoting cricket in his country showcases his commitment and the long-term vision required to build a competitive team from the ground up.

2. Kane Williamson* - 33 Losses

Williamson is currently lead NZ in T20 WC 2024 ( is currently lead NZ in T20 WC 2024 (

The inaugural World Test Championship-winning captain, Kane Williamson, has faced 33 losses in 72 T20I matches. Williamson is renowned for his calm demeanour and astute cricketing mind. His presence on this list highlights the competitive nature of international cricket and the challenges of maintaining consistency in the T20 format. 

Despite these setbacks, Williamson's tenure includes numerous high points, such as leading New Zealand to the final of the T20 World Cup 2021 and then to the semi-final in the last edition, which took place in Australia. The low point will remain not winning those two knockout games.

3. Aaron Finch - 32 Losses

Under Finch's leadership, Australia won its first T20 WC ( Finch's leadership, Australia won its first T20 WC (

Australia had never won a T20 World Cup before 2021, despite their success in multiple ODI and T20I World Cups. Aaron Finch inspired his team to a T20 title win in the 2021 edition. Australia's dynamic T20I captain has also experienced 32 losses in 76 matches. 

Known for his aggressive batting and strategic acumen, Finch was an inspirational leader in the circuit. One of the low points of his captaincy career was his failure to take his team to the semi-final when the T20 World Cup was played on home turf in Australia in 2022.

4. Andrew Balbirnie - 31 Losses

Balbirnie left Ireland's captaincy after a poor run ( left Ireland's captaincy after a poor run (

Former T20I captain of Ireland, Andrew Balbirnie, has faced 31 losses in T20Is. Leading a low-ranked team, Balbirnie stepped into the captaincy role at a crucial time for Irish cricket. The team was in a phase of transition, striving to find its footing on the global stage. 

Under his leadership, Ireland faced numerous high-intensity matches against more established cricket nations. With 31 losses as T20I captain, Balbirnie’s record may suggest a tough run. However, this statistic also highlights the competitive nature of T20I cricket and the uphill battle faced by teams like Ireland.

5. Babar Azam* - 28 Losses

Babar Azam is currently leading Pakistan in T20 WC 2024 (AP)Babar Azam is currently leading Pakistan in T20 WC 2024 (AP)

One of the brightest stars in modern cricket, Babar Azam has a relatively ordinary record as captain. He has suffered 28 losses as Pakistan’s T20I captain. Despite this, Babar's batting brilliance and leadership qualities have earned him widespread acclaim. 

His presence on this list serves as a reminder of the volatility of T20 cricket, where even the most talented leaders can experience tough times. The most unforgettable defeats in his tenure include the loss against Zimbabwe during the T20 World Cup 2022, one against Ireland, and the most recent and embarrassing one against the USA.