Top 5 Batters With Most Sixes In T20 World Cup

Rohit Sharma is the most prolific six-hitters in T20I cricket ( Sharma is the most prolific six-hitters in T20I cricket (

In the fast-paced world of T20 cricket, where every run counts and momentum can shift in the blink of an eye, the art of hitting sixes holds unparalleled significance. 

The ability to clear the ropes at will is a potent weapon in a batters' arsenal. Sixes not only add valuable runs to the total but also demoralize the opposition bowlers, disrupting their bowling plans and instilling doubt in their minds. 

The T20 World Cup 2024 is a couple of nights away. So, it’s only fitting that we look at the list of the top five six hitters in the T20 World Cup history.

Chris Gayle - 63 Sixes

Gayle is on top of the list ( is on top of the list (

It's rare to find a list of batting records in T20 cricket that doesn't feature the Universe Boss, Chris Gayle. He has truly dominated the format in every sense.

Widely regarded as one of the greatest T20 batsmen of all time, Gayle has smashed 63 sixes in 33 World Cup matches. Overall, he has amassed 965 runs in the T20 World Cup at an average of 34.46 and a staggering strike rate of 142.75, including two centuries. 

Rohit Sharma - 35* Sixes

Rohit Sharma will lead India in T20 WC 2024 ( Sharma will lead India in T20 WC 2024 (

The current Indian captain has earned the moniker of the 'Hitman' for good reason, demonstrating remarkable ease and class in smashing sixes. 

With the highest number of appearances, Rohit Sharma ranks second on the list, having struck 35 sixes in 39 matches in the T20 World Cup. Throughout his T20 World Cup career, Rohit has accumulated 963 runs at an average of 34.39 and an impressive strike rate of 127.88. 

Jos Buttler - 33* Sixes

Buttler led England to title in T20 WC 2022 ( led England to title in T20 WC 2022 (

A seasoned campaigner with over 100 internationals under his belt, Jos Buttler boasts impressive numbers both as a batsman and wicketkeeper. During England's victorious T20 World Cup campaign in Australia in 2022, Buttler contributed 225 runs while also leading the team. 

Known as 'Jos The Boss', Buttler ranks third on the list of six-hitters in World Cup matches, having cleared the boundary rope 33 times in 27 matches. As the current England skipper, he aims to enhance his tally in the upcoming tournament, potentially surpassing Rohit Sharma if he delivers with the bat.

Yuvraj Singh - 33 Sixes

Yuvraj Singh is regarded as IND's biggest T20 batter ( Singh is regarded as IND's biggest T20 batter (

Big match Yuvraj. The southpaw had a knack for performing in significant tournaments, which is why a discussion about sixes in a T20 World Cup can never be complete without mentioning Yuvraj Singh

Playing in the T20 World Cup from 2007 to 2016, Yuvraj hit 33 sixes in 31 matches. Out of those 33, six sixes were struck in one over off Stuart Broad, making history. 

Shane Watson - 31 Sixes

Shane Watson is the only AUS on the list ( Watson is the only AUS on the list (

One of the greatest all-rounders the game has ever seen, Shane Watson was a delight to watch with bat in hand. He had the ability to strike all kinds of bowlers for fun. 

The swashbuckling batter smashed 31 maximums in 24 T20 World Cup matches. He sits fifth on the list. Watson participated in six editions of the T20 World Cup, making his first appearance in 2007 and his last one in 2016. 

With 537 runs in 24 matches, Watson lived up to his reputation. His strike rate of 140.94 highlights his aggressive batting style. The ‘White Shark’ is an inspiration to many budding T20 batters in Australia.