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'...Cricket Is Ruled By Politics': Ex-Pak Cricketers Tears Up After Loss Vs USA

Kamran Akmal disappointed with the state of Pakistan cricket [x]Kamran Akmal disappointed with the state of Pakistan cricket [x]

Following Pakistan's loss against the United States of America in Dallas, ex-Pakistan wicketkeeper, Kamran Akmal got teared up as he expressed his disappointment with the mentality the current Pakistan side has been showing lately.

During a recent interview, Kamran Akmal compared the Asian side to how their mentality worked during his playing days and how it has drastically fallen off now.

"Whether we play number 1 side, number 15 or number 17, we don't change our mentality at all, we don't understand. I was fortunate enough to play with a team where we had mentality monsters who didn't let opponents come nearby. Look at us now, every 3 months, we've been seeing this [poor] mentality for the last 6-7 years now," said Akmal.

The former cricketer also called out the politics in Pakistan's domestic scene, calling it the reason for their fall off,

"Domestic cricket is completely ruled by politics, they pick players on the basis of favouritism. Stopped all the regional and departmental cricket which destroyed our foundation. 

"Look at India, they are number 1 because they increased the number of domestic teams from 36 to 43 to increase the quality. Here, teams play 8 games in the whole year where all the teams don't even participate," he concluded

Pakistan will be playing their second game of their campaign against India in New York on the 9th and a loss would very well mean that Pakistan might go home with a group stage exit after the loss against the USA.