Top 10 Active Players With Most Catches

image-lmknwfwyRohit Sharma completes 200 catches in international cricket [Twitter]

It is said that Catches win you matches, and to excel in cricket, whether you have a bad day with the bat or ball, but if you are a good fielder, then you will be able to contribute to the team's good. The Indian captain, Rohit Sharma, has entered the list of players with the most catches in international cricket.

Virat Kohli (304) 

image-lmoq6bwnVirat Kohli

At first, we have the former Indian captain who is known for his aggressiveness on the field. We have seen Virat grabbing some spectacular catches that have proved to be crucial for the team. Whenever he is in the motion to take the catch, he always put an amazing effort and ensures that he grabs onto it. He tops the list with 304 catches in international cricket so far. 

Steve Smith (288)

image-lmoq8zyjSteve Smith

The former Australian captain, Steve Smith comes second on this list. Smith prefers to field at the slips where the ball is more likely to travel early in the innings. How can we forget the catch he took at the slips in the WTC final for Virat Kohli's wicket? With 288 catches, Steve Smith has been a gun fielder for the Aussies.

 Joe Root (281)

The ace batter of England, Joe Root is not only a complete batter but also a complete fielder. Whether in Tests or ODIs, he is always there at one of the slips to take impressive catches. He is third with 280 catches among the active players. 

Martin Guptill (222)

image-lmoqeyv4Martin Guptill [Twitter]

We all remember that 2019 World Cup semi-final's run-out, where Martin Guptill thrashed the hopes of 1.4 billion Indians. He has been an amazing fielder and never fails to pull off stunning catches on the field. Although, he is not in the current set-up of the New Zealand team but he is still playing trying to make a comeback. With 222 catches, Martin has the fourth-highest number of catches in the list.

David Warner (203)

image-lmor4cq5David Warner [Twitter]

David Warner is the second Australian in the list of top five players. He is one of the fittest cricketers in the world and he has the ability to run with high speed. We are all familliar with his dront diving catches near the boundary ropes. He is an exceptial fielder, with 203 catches he comes fourth in the list. 

Rohit Sharma (200)

image-lmor5emvRohit Sharma [Twitter]

Rohit Sharma, the current Indian captain has made his way to the list by completing 200 catches in international cricket. He is considered among the premier fielder from the Indian team and we have seen him grabbing some low catches at slips in this Asia Cup as well. 


Kane Williamson (187)

image-lmoqxus1Kane Williamson [Twitter]

Kane Williamson, who got injured in the first game of the IPL while doing a fielding attempt have been named in the squad for the World Cup 2023. We have all seen him flying taking one-handed stunners at the mid-off where he likely to field most of the time. With 187 catches in international cricket, the captain of the Kiwis comes seventh on the list.

Tim Southee (174)

image-lmor0bjoTim Southee [Twitter]

Tim Southee, the occasional captain of the Blackcaps suffered a blow while attempting the catch of Joe Root in the recent ODI series. Despite the injury scare and that too around the World Cup, Southee attempted the catch which shows how great he is as a fielder. His catching abilities at the slips is impressive as well. With 174 catches, he comes at eighth on the list. 

Ben Stokes (173)

image-lmoqg7ctBen Stokes [Twitter]

Ben Stokes is a type of a player who gives his 200 percent on the field. He has grabbed some game-changing catches and is an impressive fielder. His one handed stunner at the boundary in the 2019 World Cup is still in the hearts of the fans. He is ninth on the list with 173 grabs in international cricket. 

Faf du Plessis (168)

image-lmor1bmpFaf du Plessis [Twitter]

The former South African captain, Faf Du Plesis is always keen on pulling off some amazing catches near the ropes. He is one of the fittest cricketers in the world and is never afraid to dive when he is in motion. He has not announced his retirement from the international cricket and comes tenth on the list with 168 catches.