Saksham Chugh ∙ Sep 17 2023, 8:44 PM | 2 Min Read

'It's Unnecessary..,' Wasim Akram On India's Series Against Australia Just Before World Cup

image-lmnjhjmjIndia to host a three-match ODI series against Australia right before World Cup 2023

The Indian team have won their eighth Asia Cup title as they rattled the Sri Lankan team in the final of the Asia Cup 2023. The former Pakistan fast-bowler, Wasim Akram comments on India's ODI series against Australia right before the World Cup.

All the teams are under the same umbrella of the injuries. Players are getting injured right before the World Cup 2023, which will be taking place in India in about 17 days from now. But right before the World Cup, India and Australia will face each other in the bilateral ODI series of three matches, starting on 22 September 2023. 

Considering the number of players getting injured and missing out on a huge opportunity to play and represent their country in the World Cup, the former cricketers believe that it is unnecessary to play these many games right before the World Cup.

Here's what Wasim Akram said on India's series against Australia:

"It's unnecessary to keep an ODI series against Australia before the World Cup. There's already 9 fixed matches in the World Cup, you don't want your players to get tired."

Both India and Australia had there last mast today and now the will be playing each other on 22 September, which is not even a week away. The former Pakistan bowler, Wasim Akram believes that playing right before the World Cup can be risky and this World Cup has nine fixed games for each team and two warm-up games as well. It will be tiring for players to keep up with the games. 

India was playing the Asia Cup 2023, while the Australian team was playing the five-match ODI series against South Africa. Travis Head got injured while playing and might miss the World Cup. So it is risky for players to play this much right around the World Cup.