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Shikha Pandey Addresses Criticism Over Comments on Mohammed Siraj's Conduct During DC Clash

Jatin∙ Updated: May 9 2023, 4:27 PM | timer 2 Min Read

image-lhfxjlyyMohammed Siraj was riled up during the game against DC (IPLT20.com)

Indian pacer, Shikha Pandey, has responded to the backlash she faced for her remarks on the behaviour of Royal Challengers Bangalore's (RCB) Mohammed Siraj during the Delhi Capitals vs RCB Indian Premier League (IPL) match on Saturday, May 6.

In the aforementioned match, Siraj had bowled a short delivery to Philip Salt, which was not called a wide by the square leg umpire. Following the delivery, Salt shared some words and a smile with Siraj, which apparently irked the RCB pacer, leading to a heated exchange of words. Capitals skipper David Warner had to intervene to defuse the situation.

Reacting to the incident, the right arm quick took to Twitter and stated that swearing will not help you win any games which was an apparent dig at the RCB pacer.

The social media realm saw a flurry of criticism against Pandey for her remarks on Siraj's behavior, which some construed as negative. In light of the controversy, the seasoned bowler took to her Twitter handle to clarify her comments, which were misconstrued.

The 33-year-old revealed that she has always been in awe of Siraj's bowling skills and is deeply inspired by his exceptional achievements. The paceman's talent is unparalleled, according to Pandey.

Furthermore, the Telangana based cricketer urged the public to take their conversations elsewhere and refrain from spewing abuse on social media, which she asserted doesn't help convey their point of view.

By offering her perspective on the situation, Pandey has sought to put an end to the controversy surrounding her remarks. In doing so, she emphasized her admiration for Siraj's remarkable talent and reinforced the importance of respectful communication in any sporting event.