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T20 World Cup 2022: Netherlands' report card

image-la5baghoNetherlands vs South Africa (Source: AP Newsroom)

The Netherlands displayed spirited cricket during their time in the T20I World Cup 2022. They won two of their three matches in the qualification stage and made it to the Super 12 stage. In the Super 12 also they played good cricket and in their last outing defeated South Africa. 

The Journey

The Dutch team won two matches to start their campaign and that pretty much made their path to the Super 12s easy. They qualified as the second team from Group A. 

In the Super 12s they lost against Bangladesh, India and Pakistan to start with. But the Netherlands exited the tournament on a high defeating Zimbabwe and then spoiling the party of the South Africans in the end. 

Report Card of T20 World Cup 2022

Stephan Myburgh- 4.5/10

Innings: 3 Runs: 51 Avg: 17.00 SR: 106.25

Stephan Myburgh got to play the last three matches. Although, he was not upto the mark in the first two outings, he played well in the last game against South Africa, which Netherlands won. 

Max O'Dowd- 6/10

Innings: 8 Runs: 242 Avg: 34.57 SR: 112.55

Max O'Dowd was he most consistent of the Dutch batters. He scored at a low rate but was consistent throughout the tournament. 

Tom Cooper- 2/10

Innings: 8 Runs: 107 Avg: 13.37 SR: 103.88

Tom Cooper was not upto the mark with his batting throughout the tournament. 

Colin Ackermann- 6/10

Innings: 8 Runs: 165 Avg: 23.57 SR: 110.73

Overs: 7 Runs Conceded: 37 Economy: 5.28 Wickets: 1 Avg: 37.00

Colin Ackermann had shown good potential in the tournament. His knock of 62 runs against Bangladesh was really impressive. 

image-la5bbor8Bas de Leede (Source: AP Newsroom)

Bas de Leede- 7/10

Innings: 8 Runs: 93 Avg: 18.60 SR: 79.48

Overs: 22 Runs Conceded: 169 Economy: 7.68 Wickets: 13 Avg: 13.00

Barring an innings of 30 runs his batting has been ordinary. But with the Bas de Leede has been top notch in the tournament. 

Scott Edwards- 3/10

Innings: Runs: 91  Avg: 15.16 SR: 87.50

Scott Edwards had a below average tournament as a batter. As a captain he might earn a few ratings for making it to the Super 12 and also defeating South Africa in the last match. 

Tim Pringle- 4/10

Innings: 6 Runs: 51 Avg: 10.20 SR: 87.93

Overs: 17 Runs Conceded: 102 Economy: 6.00 Wickets: 3 Avg: 34.00

Tim Pringle's time is the bat was below average in the tournament. With the ball he was economical but did not pick up enough wickets. 

Logan van Beek- 4/10

Innings: 4 Runs: 15 Avg: 7.50 SR: 65.21

Overs: 16.2 Runs Conceded: 125 Economy: 7.65 Wickets: 3 Avg: 41.66

An average World Cup for Logan van Beek with the ball and with the bat it was below par. 

Shariz Ahmed- 4/10 

Innings: 2 Runs: 25 Avg: 25.00 SR: 131.57

Overs: 4 Runs Conceded: 32 Economy: 8.00 Wickets: 1 Avg: 32.00

Shariz Ahmad did a decent job in the chances he got. 

Fred Klaassen- 6/10

Overs: 30 Runs Conceded: 191 Economy: 6.36 Wickets: 8 Avg: 23.87

Fred Klaassen did a decent job with the ball in hand for Netherlands.

Paul van Meekeren- 7/10

Overs: 31 Runs Conceded: 198 Economy: 6.38  Wickets: 11 Avg: 18.00

Paul van Meekeren was the second lead of the Netherlands' bowling with Bas de Leede being the leader. Van Meekeren had an above par tournament with the ball. 

image-la5bd0v3Brandon Glover (Source: AP Newsroom)

Brandon Glover- 7.5/10

Overs: 8.5 Runs Conceded: 60 Economy: 6.79 Wickets: 7 Avg: 8.57

Brandon Glover played towards the end of the tournament but he did a wonderful job with the ball. 


image-la5b75dcNetherlands' T20I World Cup 2022 report card

Team of the Tournament contender:

  1. Bas de Leede
  2. Paul van Meekeren
  3. Brandon Glover

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