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[Watch] Wanindu Hasranga Breathes Fire As He Burns Down Mahmudullah For A Duck

SL's Wanindu Hasranga
SL's Wanindu Hasranga

Wanindu Hasaranga showcased his brilliance on the field as he dismantled Mahmudullah Riyad for a duck during the ongoing clash between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. In a display of sheer skill and precision, Hasaranga claimed two crucial wickets in a single over, leaving Mahmudullah reeling.

Watch the video here:

The defining moment came in the 21.4th over when Hasaranga unleashed a flighted delivery, enticing Mahmudullah to take the bait. Positioned strategically on the middle and off, the ball cunningly veered towards leg after pitching, leaving Mahmudullah perplexed. In an attempt to counter, Mahmudullah advanced down the track, aiming for a lofted shot towards the off-side, only to be outwitted by Hasaranga's masterful spin.

As the ball whizzed past his bat, Mahmudullah found himself in a precarious position, ultimately succumbing to the guile of Hasaranga's delivery. The wicketkeeper, Kusal Mendis, wasted no time in capitalizing on the opportunity, swiftly stumping Mahmudullah out of the game.

With this dismissal, Mahmudullah's departure without scoring a run dealt a significant blow to Bangladesh's aspirations, while Sri Lanka rejoiced in Hasaranga's prowess. As the match progresses, Hasaranga's fiery spell stands mighty. At the time of writing, BAN is at 189/6.