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Rohit Sharma 'Retired Hurt' Against IRE; What Is Retired Hurt Rule In Cricket?

Rohit Sharma - XRohit Sharma - X

During India's T20 World Cup 2024 opening match against Ireland, Rohit Sharma played a brilliant innings as he scored a fifty. Rohit amassed 52 (37), which included four fours and three sixes. 

However, soon after bringing up his half-century, the Hitman returned to the dug-out injured after he got struck on the shoulder by a Mark Adair bouncer. Notably, Rohit got hit on the shoulder on the last delivery of the 10th over. 

Officially Rohit returned to the pavilion 'Retired Hurt'. But what does this term mean in cricket? "Retired Hurt" refers to a situation where a batsman is unable to continue playing due to an injury. 

With the consent of the fielding captain, the injured batsman can leave the field and may return to resume their innings later, as long as it's before the innings is over. However, if the batsman is unable to resume batting beyond that time, they cannot return to play.

The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) who design the laws of how the game explains the aforementioned rule under Law 25.

According to Law 25.4.2 -  If a batter retires because of illness, injury or any other unavoidable cause, that batter is entitled to resume his/her innings. If for any reason this does not happen, that batter is to be recorded as ‘Retired - not out’.

Rohit's injury did not look serious and he might have returned to the pavillion as a precaution because the Men in Blue are scheduled to face Pakistan on June 9 at the same venue.